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Namco Bandai Teams With CCP To Release New Edition Of EVE Online

November 18th, 2010 by

CCP, the developer behind space-faring MMOG EVE Online, have teamed up with Japanese giants Namco Bandai to unveil the Commissioned Officer Edition of EVE.

In December, UK and German players will be able to get their hands on this special retail edition of the game, which besides the usual trial subscription and collectible goodies, will include a unique in-game item called a Cerebral Accelerator.

Within EVE, skills such as piloting and space combat are improved by selecting one to level up and allowing a set amount of time to elapse. The more advanced the skill, the longer it takes, but skills continue to develop even when the player is offline. The Cerebral Accelerator will significantly increase the speed at which players learn new skills, allowing new players who purchases the Commissioned Officer Edition to make strides in catching up to those who have played EVE for years.

I played EVE when it came out some seven years ago, and was impressed by the graphics, the scale and the sheer range of activities available to players. From interplanetary mining to space piracy, there was something to suit anyone who enjoys starships and science fiction. Over time, CCP have released numerous patches to add content to EVE, including the ability to explore orbital stations; new ship designs; and recently allowing players to set up mining operations on the surface of planets.

The bulk of EVE is played on a single server (two, if you count the Chinese alternate server), meaning that the majority of the player base is involved in a real-time conflict over many thousands of star systems. Whether you’re new to EVE, or a lapsed player considering a comeback, the Commissioned Officer Edition could be just the thing you need to get back into the action.

2 Responses to “Namco Bandai Teams With CCP To Release New Edition Of EVE Online”
  1. avatar Rebel says:

    Wow, bet that will make the existing user base rage (having spent so much time on their chars to be overtaken by newbies)

  2. avatar Matt Pitman says:

    I highly doubt even the most dedicated new player will be able to overtake someone that has played it for more than a few months. Usually when developers give out bonuses such as these, it gives the new player a month or two’s worth of graft for free. I think the only people who will feel cheated are the ones who signed up recently and end up being surpassed by people buying the COE in December. Even then, anyone buying the COE will still have to do all the legwork to get themselves some cash and a decent ship.

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