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Podcast Episode 113 – Uncle Vader

October 25th, 2010 by

Hot topics this week – Money-Hats, Halloween considerations, Star Wars toys & Veet.

What have we been playing?

Matt reactivates his World of Warcraft account, gets amped with Vanquish and settles back down with Dream Chronicles

Daren pursues a love interest in Mass Effect 2 and geys into the Halloween spirit with Costume Quest.

This weeks news topics

Kinect launch titles detailed, Rock Band 3 instrument bundles discussed, exclusive Fallout: New Vegas DLC for Xbox 360, news from Blizzcon, a disgruntled employee weighs in on Star Wars The Old Republic, Crazy Taxi HD announced & dated and a fascinating insight into Peter Molyneux’s purchasing habits.

The usual suspects: Retail Roundup, New Releases, the Twitter Section and the Sexy Quiz.

Oh and click here for the awesome costume from TheKingaSwing discussed in the Twitter section.

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9 Responses to “Podcast Episode 113 – Uncle Vader”
  1. Told you that mask was bad ass :)

  2. avatar GoddTodd says:

    Here’s the Kermit the Frog thingI was talking aqbout:

  3. avatar Jurassic Prinny says:

    Great podcast, as usual.
    The only possible way it could be improved, and seeing as how the podcast is so great and all there’s really not much room for improvement so it’s hardly even worth mentioning, but if you did want to make it even better than it already is, and as I said, it’s good, you might consider dropping the ‘Millionare’ music from the quiz.
    It’s just that I hate it, and I hate the programme it comes from, and most of all I hate the memory of Chris Tarrant milking every possible second of pause before the answer. I don’t watch TV any more.
    Pretty please?

  4. avatar xeroxeroxero says:

    @Jurassic Prinny – Did you ever play the PS2 WWTBAM game? It was everything you just described, plus, due to the way it was mocapped it looked like Tarrant had suffered a massive stroke before being booted out on stage. The. Horror.

  5. avatar mixindave says:

    you didnt buy the 500-600 quid outfit? have you seen those!!

  6. avatar mixindave says:

    oh and nice show as always

  7. avatar Phizzy says:

    Hey Daren, Shippuuden doesn’t have an ‘N’ in the middle! Say it ‘shpooden’.

    A pleasure to listen to, as always.

  8. avatar Brother Brown says:

    Did any one else have problems with the speed of the podcast or is it the drugs im on in the hospital?

  9. avatar Vampire Azrial says:

    Nope all was fine on speed, it’s just you, you junkie, great podcast as always, though you have had me on a wild goose chase trying to find Zenonia on PSN, even though it’s not on the UK stores.

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