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Cyberbike Magnetic Edition Coming Soon To Wii

October 11th, 2010 by

One of the best things you can buy for your child is their first bike. It’s an exciting and grand gift, for the parent and the child. Think back to your first bike. The stabilisers, the bell, the reflective wheel things, the pink flowery design… perhaps that last one was just me. Anyway the point is, for the child it’s a magical present, an actual vehicle they can ride around on. However, is this still practical for the child of today? Outside is a dangerous place and outdoor games fail to compare to videogames. Well Neko Entertainment and Bigben Interactive are on the same wave length and have created the Cyberbike… no seriously it’s a real thing. It’s an exercise bike – with me so far – that comes with a game for the Wii.

Now catch your breath, I know it’s funny but they really did make this peripheral and game, in fact it came out earlier this year and a new one – Cyberbike Magnetic Edition – is coming out this November. Man alive my stomach is hurting; too much laughter will do that to you, good exercise for my stomach muscles though. Not laughing with me yet? Stand by I’ve got a picture of it for you.

So perhaps I’m being overly mean. Exercise bikes are great pieces of equipment for getting fit from the comfort of your own home, so one that connects with a videogame isn’t a terrible idea. Why buy a real bike and enjoy fresh air outside when you can buy the Cyberbike and enjoy the exercise inside instead. You’ll get less fresh air certainly, but less getting beat up for having a pink flowery bike as well.

The press release for this new version of the Cyberbike reads:

Cyberbike Magnetic Edition introduces a brand new way to do sports in the living room. The Cycling Sports game – included with the bike – invites players to use their eco-citizen’s head and legs to clean up the planet. Paths and roads must be cleared of the sources of pollution that are ruining the environment as players cycle along on some of the most improbable vehicles ever imagined – on land, sea and air.”

Cleaning up the planet’s pollution by cycling along paths in improbable vehicles is a ridiculous, idealistic incentive to play. The world’s eco-warriors aren’t likely to find this videogame goal intriguing, more so they’re likely to find it patronising. It’s pretty funny though, and shows imagination on the developer’s side. However, concentrating on it being a fitness game may have proved more beneficial to its image.

Speaking of images:

Okay it’s starting to get less funny now, and one more giggle might give me a hernia…

The press release continues and mentions 18 different circuits to ride around as well as a list of improvements to the actual bike, with the magnetic chassis offering more pedal resistance and the chassis itself being lighter and slimmer than the previous version, so the Cyberbike is now a more practical and effective exercise option.

All jokes aside, the idea of the Cyberbike is actually pretty good, especially with the improvements. It’s an initially hilarious peripheral that may well turn out to be one of the more useful pieces of fitness equipment for the modern healthy conscious gamer. I’d love one, and you know what I’d do first? Paint it pink and add a flowery pattern.

4 Responses to “Cyberbike Magnetic Edition Coming Soon To Wii”
  1. Oh not again.
    I had something like this for the PS2, each revolution of the wheels counted as holding the X button.
    Was able to play a Need For Speed game, just not very well.

  2. avatar Jurassic Prinny says:

    I like mountain biking, and I have an exercise bike to keep in shape when (blame the kids) I can’t get to a mountain, and I like to play video games when I’m on my exercise bike because I’m not a great TV watcher, but the idea of playing a cycling game controlled by my exercise bike is, at best, all jokes aside, a pile of wank.

  3. avatar tony says:

    Re Cyberbike . there appears to be two types available “Magnetic Edition” and another,cycling sports
    any one know the difference

  4. avatar Victor says:

    The magnetic edition is a newer design with actual speed sensor:


    The older version (from 2009) of Cyber Bike had no speed sensor, they just mounted a wii controller onto the handle:


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