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Trailer-Gasm! 16

September 11th, 2010 by

We had quite a lot of great trailers this week and narrowing them down was a difficult decision, but I think I managed to get a nice balance of gaming genres, and not an 18 certificate in sight!

So go get comfy, grab a beer and take your trousers off, or however you like to enjoy your weekly Gasm and let’s get down to business!

For 360 and PC owners this first little title looks rather interesting with the kind of dark sense of humour that you get when you cross the Joker with Road Runner, and so it seems the decent time to introduce this title, well to be more specific its a  Bloody Good Time.

Now this next title has been shown before but now we get a more extended look at Kirby’s Epic Yarn and if you can sit there watch this trailer and not find a smile creep across your face then you my friend are too tough for your own good!

The PSP has often been the hardcore gamers hand held device of choice and one of the reasons for this is due to the range of games offered often catering more to the adult audience and this next title follows that ideal with Ace Combat Joint Assault.

If military gaming is your cup of tea and you haven’t had your fill with the last game then maybe you can get another dose with the next title, this one is set in World War II and you can take on a role in the US Army or the German Blitzkrieg, this title is R.U.S.E.

Now when a trailer like this next trailer pops up, it’s worth a look, not due to the trailer itself but because it’s called The Next Big Thing!

If there was ever a movie tie game which could surely never fail then this next trailer could be it, after all it is basically a game anyway, Tron Evolution: The Video Game.

And here we are at our last title, rather than introduce it I’ll let the trailer do it for you, after all it involves Keiji Inafune introducing the first gameplay footage of the upcoming Megaman Universe.

And that’s about it, Trailer-Gasm! will be taking a break for a few weeks now whilst I prepare a special little something for all you lovely Midlife Gamers out there, but don’t worry it will be back before you know it, so until then Goodbye!

Bloody Good Time, Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft

Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Ace Combat Joint Assault, Developer/Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

R.U.S.E., Developer: Eugen Systems, Publisher: Ubisoft

The Next Big Thing, Developer: Pendulo Studios

Tron Evolution: The Video Game, Developer: Propaganda Games, Publisher: Disney Interactive

Megaman Universe, Developer/Publisher: Capcom

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