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Trailer-Gasm! 13

August 18th, 2010 by

Has it been a week already? Well here we are again with yet another great set of trailers and publishers this week have outdone themselves with a fantastic selection ranging from flying with blimps to fighting with monsters, yes it really is that diverse so here we go and I’ll kick off with a trailer I’m very excited about…

Teaser trailers are my favourite kind of trailer, they give you enough information to get you excited but not too much that answers any questions you might have and this first trailer is one of those, after the gargantuan success of Bioshock and its follow up Bioshock 2, Irrational Games (developers of the original title) had to decide where next to take the series and they decided the only way is up, quite literally as we enjoy Bioshock Infinite.

Now I’m not a great fan of games set in mythological worlds and I can’t say I’m familiar with the Might & Magic franchise, but I do love a good little trailer which is what has been served up with the – as Ubisoft have said – brand new ‘remastered’ Might and Magic Heroes VI.

Now I tend to avoid where possible games based on TV shows and films (although I did play and love Lost: Via Domus – Although I think that was more due to Lost than the game) because for every Goldeneye you can expect 10 games like Disney’s UP, however being the avid podcast listener that I am when this trailer popped up I thought it deserved including, its CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.

Now I think its fair to say that as flops go, Tony Hawk’s Ride was fairly near the top of the list, up there with the Sega CD and Waterworld and yet it would appear it did find an audience, it would just appear that audience is not willing to admit who they are. Tony Hawk: Shred will again utilise the skateboard control system developed for the original and from looking at the bright colours and arcade style of play perhaps they are directing this title toward the younger audience.

Now finally we have a developer diary for much anticipated title from the guys who brought us Fallout 3, set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must fight on the side of good or… sound familiar? Who cares it looks incredible! Its Brink!

And once more we are out of time, well YouTube dictates that we are out of time and they are bigger than me so who am I to argue? We’ll be back next week with more trailers for you to enjoy so until then, have yourself a great Trailer-Gasm-ing week!

Bioshock Infinite, Developer: Irrational Games, Publisher: 2K Games

Might & Magic Heroes VI, Developer: Black Hole Entertainment, Publisher: Ubisoft

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy, Developer: Telltale Games, Publisher: Ubisoft

Tony Hawk: Shred, Developer: Robomodo, Publisher: Activision

Brink, Developer: Splash Damage, Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


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