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Trailer-Gasm! 12

August 11th, 2010 by

Hello and welcome to the Trailer-Gasm! 12, we have a bumper packed episode with no less than 6 trailers for you to take a looksy at, so lets skip all the foreplay and get  straight into the new Trailer-Gasm!

Our first trailer comes from the guys who brought us The Sims, the follow up to their 2008 title Spore, its Darkspore which offers a more, well, darker tone. Now sometimes with games like Darkspore I can write an introduction without too much thought, however sometimes its a bit trickier, as is with this next title, Bug Ball is a difficult game to describe but it looks like buckets of fun!

Now here at MLG we are partial to the odd MMO and its always good to see another just around the corner, which is where we bring you the mythological MMO Mythos.

Now the next title we have looked at before but I liked this trailer so much I had to take another look, its the return of the much loved franchise Medal of Honor.

Next up we have a driving double bill, first is a title heading onto PC, XBLA and PSN, with a combination of destruction derby and many arcade racers its Fuel Overdose, and following that is the upcoming third installment of the Colin McRae franchise Dirt 3.

And finally we have the return of a perennial favourite after lets face it, too long away from our gaming screens, appearing on its spiritual home PC and looking all shiny and new its Worms Reloaded.

And thats it for now, time for the proverbial cigarette methinks and don’t forget to look out for next weeks episode of Trailer-Gasm!

Darkspore, Developer: Maxis, Publisher: Electronic Arts

Bug Ball, Developer/Publisher: Edible Interactive

Mythos, Developer: Flagship Studios, Publisher: HanbitSoft

Medal of Honor, Developer/Publisher: Electronic Arts

Fuel Overdose, Developer/Publisher: I-Friqiya

Dirt 3, Developer/Publisher: Codemasters

Worms Reloaded, Developer/Publisher: Team17

One Response to “Trailer-Gasm! 12”
  1. avatar Marconi says:

    So Bug Ball is fancy talk for Pong now is it?

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