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Step Into The TARDIS

August 21st, 2010 by

The third episode of the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games series- that has now amounted over 1.3 million downloads in the UK- has been announced as being called ‘TARDIS’. The adventure games are proving highly popular for the fans of the sci-fi show, and can be downloaded for free from the Doctor Who website for UK residents on both PC and MAC.

This is the third part of the expected four-part series, as Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, enthuses “TARDIS is a brilliant, brilliant adventure, funny, touching, terrifying, amazing- everything a Doctor Who episode should be”.

It begs a question however: what lies ahead for the most popular TV series and soaps out there? Will we be seeing a point-and-click Coronation Street in the years to come? A Midsomer Murders whodunit’? Only time will tell, but the free-to-play exclusivity and success of the Doctor Who adventure series begs other’s to repeat the model and allows TV to broaden into extended mediums. And that can only be a good thing.

Download the latest episode for PC and MAC from

One Response to “Step Into The TARDIS”
  1. avatar windjunky says:

    I keep asking myself ‘if it’s so good then why is it free?’ so I can’t bring myself to downlad it. The more I hear about it though the more it makes me want to get it.. I think the Doctor Who fans saying it’s real good is enough to convince me it’s worthy a try at least. Straight to the top of my pile of shame.

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