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Trailer-Gasm! The Hardware Of E3

July 7th, 2010 by

Well here we are, the last few tidbits from the behemoth that was E3, its time for the hardware! In their own special way each piece of hardware is a move towards the future of our gaming and entertainment, these aren’t steps forward (ala Wii Motion Plus), these are leaps into the unknown, some may fall others may flourish but we’ll have a great time seeing them in action so lets see what we have…

The Wii revolutionised gaming with its motion control system, however some people at Microsoft clearly still felt too restricted by having an actual controller and so they have made you the controller. It may well have its critics (quite a lot of them) but I believe whilst Microsoft Kinect may not grab gamers in the way other concepts will I think the technology here is exciting and is a new way of interacting with your home entertainment system and is potentially the future…

The movie industry has been telling us for a long time that 3D is the future, I personally disagree with that, however I do believe that 3D is the future of gaming, having experienced the potential of 3D gaming at last years Eurogamer Expo with Xero where we played a Forza title which had been adapted into 3D (Batman Arkham Asylum was also available), in my opinion this is where gaming is heading and so of course jumping in at the deep end once again is Nintendo with the new Nintendo 3DS, offering a 3.5” screen offering fully 3D visuals without the need for 3D glasses to make it work, Nintendo, looks like you’ve done it again.

Finally its Sony’s turn, anyone who read the discussion we had about our E3 thoughts may know that I am not overly enamoured with the Playstation Move, I like to see these companies take risks which I think Nintendo and Microsoft have done whereas I think Sony may have taken the safe (possibly successful) route and improved on an existing technology. Don’t get me wrong, the Move is a great piece of kit and probably will increase the casual audience of the PS3 but I don’t want my PS3 to play casual games and likewise I don’t want a play Uncharted 3 by waving a wand but take a look for yourself and tell me which you like the look of most.

And that’s it! E3 is gone for another year, another year to guess, speculate and inevitable hope for an announcement of cross platform gaming. Trailer-Gasm! is not done though not by a long shot, the down time E3 has afforded means there are some great episodes coming up, so look out for your next Trailer-Gasm! coming up soon.

One Response to “Trailer-Gasm! The Hardware Of E3”
  1. avatar Marconi says:

    It was nice of Nintendo to let Microsoft make use of their Wii family living room to advertise Kinect.

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