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Trailer-Gasm! 11

July 29th, 2010 by

Well now after leaving Trailer-Gasm! is the very capable hands of Mr. Matthew Moore last week I am back with another new episode of everyone’s favourite Gaming-Trailer-based-compilation-video-series and the latest dose of Gasm-tastic gaming goodies. This month we have a variety of trailers ranging from gun toting, gymnastic thugs to arm swinging ball kicking moms, so lets start the ball rolling…

Now when I look for trailers they generally fit into 3 catagories, the 100% gameplay trailers, the cinematic story based trailer and then there are the trailers which are almost shortfilms and I think this first trailer falls into the latter catagory, although it offers little information into what the game will become, the trailer for Megaman Universe is just a balls out great little trailer!

Universes seem to be the latest craze, with Megaman having its own universe and DC doing the same, its time for Lego to jump on the same bandwagon, Lego Universe will be an MMO which sets the player the task of protecting Imagination from dark forces, Lego Universe launches in October for the PC and Mac.

Now Kinect may not have wowed audiences like the 3DS or looked as cool as Playstation Move but darn it, I can’t help but smile when I watch the cheesiest of cheesy families flailing their extremities about like wild chimpanzees as they play one of the launch titles for this new motion control technology Kinect Sports, and I can’t deny that secretly I too want to flail about in the same way, just bring down the price first!

With E3 just behind us and the annual list of awards handed out we now begin to see games using these awards and nominations in their advertising, demonstrating this is Shank, which was nominated for, Best Downloadable Game , Excellence in Visual Art, Best New Game, Best Action Game, making definately a title worthy of your notice, so without any further ado coming to XBLA and PSN in August its Shank.

Now for that knock out blow, clearly Capcom weren’t happy with simply pitting its team of Street Fighters against the super heroes of Marvel as they seemed determined to pit their wits against every fighting franchise around, which is why we can all get excited and giddy at the prospect of Street Fighter X Tekken.

And with that I bid you adieu, enjoy you games and enjoy your Gasm! I’ll be back next week so look out for your next fix of Trailer-Gasm! coming soon.

Megaman Universe, Developer/Publisher: Capcom

Lego Universe, Developer: NetDevil, Publisher: Warner Bros. Entertainment

Kinect Sports, Developer: Rare, Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Shank, Developer: Klei Entertainment, Publisher: Electronic Arts

Street Fighter X Tekken, Developer/Publisher: Capcom/Namco Bandai

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