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Street Fighter X Tekken Revealed

July 25th, 2010 by

I’m not a big fan of fighters myself, but even I can appreciate the magnitude of the new reveal from Capcom from Comic Con about the convergence of the Street Fighter and Tekken series into the new title for the PS3 and Xbox 360, titled Street Fighter X Tekken.

In fact, the recent release of Super Street Fighter IV was so well received critically and by fans that many thought it would be the last iteration in the triumphant series, ending as near to perfection as possible. But no, a few months later and here we are once again, another title with the Street Fighter name printed squarely onto its sleeve, although now with added characters from the Tekken universe to bolster the already huge roster of fighters.

Powered by the same engine as used in the latest Street Fighter games, Street Fighter X Tekken will transition an as-yet unannounced amount of Tekken characters – such as Kazuya Mishima – into SF‘s memorable and unique 2D art style animation whilst retaining all the signature moves and fighting characteristics.

Capcom have a good deal of work on their hands to once again balance each set of characters, although this could well be one of the fighters of this generation. Is it a needless cash-in on the resurrected, respective brands? Or will SFXT really be the “ultimate match up”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below…

5 Responses to “Street Fighter X Tekken Revealed”
  1. avatar DeadmanXIII says:

    Oh god, this makes me giddy. I haven’t been THIS excited for a game since SF. I have nothing but apathy for MvC3, so I’m so glad there is a fighter on the horizon that I can get juiced for again!

  2. avatar DarkoMaledictus says:

    Street fighter is probably the only game I ever play, so hearing this news about a sf vs Tekken is very inticing! I hope they bring a very big chunk of the sf4 cast. Dudley, guile etc would be missed if they weren’t part of the slugfest! Anyway great news. About MVC3… yeah for some reason I dont care much for that one, but time will tell.

  3. avatar bob destroyer of worlds says:

    This is very interesting i love tekken and have all of them except the last one and i am a big fan of street fighter but i’m not sure how they will make these gel because last time i played tekken it didn’t have any super combos and was more of a straight fighter. I’ll be keeping an eye on this to see how it works

  4. avatar Rheyr says:

    When i first heared of the crossover i was really bummed to hear it, i thought it was going to be this really bad game where characters don’t fit at all. but having now seen footage i’m really happy, as its just streetfighter 4 with tekken doods! also here is a video of the footage if anyone hasn’t seen it yet.

  5. Great vid but I can’t stand the overzealous whooping from the crowd. Nice look to it though.

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