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Trailer-Gasm! E3 Sony

June 30th, 2010 by

I must apologise, these Trailer-Gasm!’s are coming at you so fast I’m not even giving you chance to breathe here now am I?

Well we have seen Microsoft bring us a blade wielding melon chopping Raiden, Nintendo have given us the return of a father/son gorilla team and so all that’s left to find out is what Sony had to show us and blimey they did not disappoint! Without any ado whatsoever, let’s take a look at some of Sony’s E3 trailers…

First up we have the sequel to arguably one of the most successful new IP’s on the PS3 console taking the superhero genre to a whole new level, out in 2011 its Infamous 2. Now I know that superhero games aren’t for everyone, some people prefer games with a broader scope with themes that you can relate to, so the next title is a post-apocalyptic open-world title where you fight mutated wasps and scorpions whilst all the while being serenaded by flying stereo systems playing 1950’s tunes, but that’s relatable, right? It’s the new trailer for Fallout: New Vegas.

Before I tell you what’s next I need to do something. Now is the time for me to stand up and say this to the world, “My name is Daniel Frost and I have never played a Gran Turismo game”. Wow that felt good, it’s true, I have never played a Gran Turismo game, the closest I got was holding the demo disc that came with my original Playstation, however I was too busy throwing in Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus to pay attention to a silly driving game. However, after seeing the new trailer for Gran Turismo 5, I think that come November 2nd there may well be a GT5 shaped hole in my bank account.

Now this next trailer, stunned me, it didn’t stun me with ultra realistic graphics, an epic story or retro soundtrack. It is just simply stunning, from the developers behind Rez its Child of Eden. Finally rounding up Sony’s (and Trailer-Gasm!’s) look at the game trailers from the industry’s headline expo is the sequel to a title which was originally meant as a bonus game in a compilation set which was a huge sleeper hit and has given us the immortal line “The Cake is not a Lie”, its Portal 2.

Now whilst we are now winding down this whistle stop tour of the biggest announcements in gaming this year, Trailer-Gasm! isn’t quite finished just yet, stay tuned for a brief upcoming episode where we look at the big hardware trailers from the three console teams. So until then, take a breath, make sure you have yourself a drink because the final E3 Trailer-Gasm! is not too far away.

Infamous 2, Developer: Sucker Punch Productions, Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Fallout: New Vegas, Developer: Obsidian Entertainment, Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Gran Turismo 5, Developer: Polyphony Digital, Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Child of Eden, Developer: Q Entertainment, Publisher: Ubisoft

Portal 2, Developer/Publisher: Valve

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