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Trailer-Gasm! E3 Microsoft

June 25th, 2010 by

Well hello there! Long time no see! I do apologise for my tardiness, I got distracted by a little event that happened recently, a new up and coming convention called Electronic Entertainment Expo (although all the cool kids are calling it ‘E3’!) and I thought Trailer-Gasm! could share some of the sights that I’ve seen.

This is the first of a number of Trailer-Gasm!’s which will be hitting you faster than Speedy Gonzales on rocket powered roller skates (for any young ‘uns, that’s fast!)…

So let’s start this Trailer-Gasm! tour with a peek though some Microsoft tinted glasses and take a look at some of the games they showed at E3!

First up is the third in the trilogy of fantasy games from the ever pleasing Peter ‘I wish he were my uncle’ Molyneux, that’s right its time for Fable 3. Following that we take a gander at the latest gameplay trailer from the guys at Halo: Reach showing us that life after Master Chief isn’t too bad after all.

Following that we have a sneaky look at the intriguingly titled Codename Kingdoms which leaves little clues as to what kind of game it might be but the teaser trailer which nods to gladiatorial films like 300 makes this Trailer-Gasmed video-maker very intrigued indeed.

Now this next title I was very excited about and if you look at the MLG E3 Predictions you will find I predicted this very trailer would appear (pat on the back methinks!), and anyone who follows me on Twitter may have spotted a rather Metal Gear theme to my tweets recently as I power through the entire series, that’s right it’s the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

Now you may have also heard of a new device Microsoft are releasing for their flagship console, the peripheral formally known as Natal played a big part of this years E3 and check out an upcoming E3 episode where we have a closer look at Kinect. However for now we take a look at two of the more innovative games utilising this new technology Dance Central (which made Matt want to do a little dance) and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (which did not).

And that’s all we have for now, Trailer-Gasm! will be back very soon with all the big trailers from Nintendo and Sony, so look out for your next big Trailer-Gasm!

Fable III, Developer: Lionhead Studios, Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Halo: Reach, Developer: Bungie, Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Codename Kingdoms, Developer: Crytek, Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Developer: Kojima Productions, Publisher: Konami

Dance Central, Developer: Harmonix, Publisher: MTV Games

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft

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