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Rising Star Games Picks Up Ivy the Kiwi?

June 10th, 2010 by

He was lead programmer on the first ever Sonic the Hedgehog game and now Yuji Naka – also head of Prope and famed Sega designer – is sure to delight fans once again with Ivy the Kiwi?, having just been picked up by publisher Rising Star Games for a European release.

Having just announced their acquisition of the rights for a European release onto Nintendo’s DS and Wii, managing director at Rising Star Games, Martin Defries, commented “we’re elated to work on a game that’s so closely associated with Yuji.” He proceeded to acknowledge his hope that Ivy the Kiwi? will “reach out to fans the way a little blue hedgehog did all those years ago”. Wishful thinking? Or is it a sign of the height in confidence he has for the game which follows the “storybook adventures” of a lonely baby bird in search of her missing mother. The game will feature gorgeous backdrops of 2D landscapes, challenging game play and a “unique control scheme” which allows players to create and control vines.

Over 100 stages are proposed for the main game, on both DS and Wii, with multiplayer modes also included. DSiWare and WiiWare will also allow users to download unique ‘Mini’ versions of the game on the respective platform, comprised of 50 levels each.

It sounds like a wholehearted attempt at establishing another fantastic IP from Yuji Naka, who is certainly more than capable of pulling it off. Hopefully the game can offer something unique and interesting in its own right and not just rely on the name to shift copies. The story is run-of-the-mill, certainly, but if the game mechanics are polished and refined then Rising Star could well have a huge success in waiting…

Ivy the Kiwi? is set to be released in Europe this autumn- published by Rising Star Games.

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