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Trailer-Gasm! 7

May 14th, 2010 by

Well a week has flown by already and its time for us all once again to have a good old fashioned Trailer-Gasm! I’m not going to ramble through an introduction this week because quite frankly there is just too darn much to talk about so lets get to it…

We can all agree that when it comes to the standard of games, the Wii stands a fairly distant third in the trio of consoles we all know and love, but there are still one or two golden titles which keep bringing us back for one more wiggle of the wiimote, and another is on the horizon, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is on its way and this time as this trailer shows its not just Mario getting in on the action, his green dungarees wearing brother is grabbing his share of screen time as well.

‘I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose… Rapture’ was the ominously line from the original Bioshock introducing us to a world of limitless possibilities, the sequel offered the expansion of the game incorporating multiplayer action and now we have its latest DLC (free!) entitled Bioshock 2: Kill ‘Em Kindly, where the only weapon you have is a golf putter in a direct reference to one the of the Chief Antagonists from the original game.

Now it seems only yesterday that Xero dived head first into a brand new MMO on behalf of his Midlife brothers when he spent 30 days playing Free Realms, however it has actually been nearly a year and to celebrate (the launch of the game, not Xero’s report!) Sony has planned numerous in-game celebrations, and have released this video year book to commemorate the event.

Okay then, so far we have looked at Mushroom thwomping plumbers, golf club wielding sociopaths and fantasy elves, so now of course its time for the return of one of the most lovable characters and innovative games of recent times with Sackboy and the brand new launch trailer for the PS3 exclusive Little Big Planet 2.

Now I thought long and hard about how to introduce the final video, I felt it needed something big, something special, something which would stir up excitement in every Midlife Gamer, then I realised Matt and Daren have been doing that for the last 6 months so all that’s left to say is… Demon’s Souls European launch trailer!

And so another Trailer-Gasm! comes to a close, but don’t not fear faithful viewer, Trailer-Gasm! will be back same time next week with a whole host of new exciting trailers so until then, leave your comments and your diggs and tell people how much you enjoy a good Trailer-Gasm!

Super Mario Galaxy 2, Developer/Publisher: Nintendo

Bioshock 2: Kill ‘Em Kindly, Developer: Digital Extremes, Publisher: 2K Games

Free Realms, Developer/Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Little Big Planet 2, Developer: Media Molecule, Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

Demon’s Souls, Developer: From Software, Publisher: Namco Bandai

One Response to “Trailer-Gasm! 7”
  1. avatar Marconi says:

    The Little Big Planet 2 video makes my tummy giggle!

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