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MLG Meets: Michael Sroczynski Of City Interactive

May 4th, 2010 by

We got in touch with City Interactive, the team behind the incredibly interesting looking FPS that is Sniper: Ghost Warrior to get the low down on their new title.

Xero: To get things started, can you tell the readers of Midlife Gamer who you are and what you do?

Michael Sroczynski: My name is Michael Sroczynski, I’m the co-producer for Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

X: Next thing that we’d like to know, which is a staple of any interview we conduct, what is you favourite beverage and what is your favorite biscuit?

MS: Zywiec beer and blueberry muffins.

X: So tell us about Sniper Ghost Warrior; what is the title about, what release window are you aiming for and why should gamers be getting excited?

MS: Sniper: Ghost Warrior tells the story of a special ops team who are sent to Isle Truena, a fictional island/country located near the west coast of South America. Their mission is to eliminate the evil dictator, General Vasquez and support the local rebellion in overthrowing the regime. We are aiming at the beginning of June 2010. We believe that a full blown modern day sniper game is what the industry was lacking and now here it is.

X: From what we’ve seen so far, the game is looking to be going for a degree of realism, what with the recognisable environments, a very strong looking game engine and the naturalistic aesthetic style. Is the gameplay equally realistic or slightly more outlandish?

MS: There are several factors the player has to take in consideration when lining up his shot: the wind, the distance, the weather conditions (rain, fog, etc.) and also (like a real sniper) the ability to control his own body, and to focus on the target. The enemies behave naturally: they go from calm to urgent and alarmed depending on the player’s actions. When developing the game we understood that not everyone would enjoy 100% realistic sniper gameplay so our main goal was to keep it fun. Also, in Easy Mode you can switch on an indicator which will show you where the bullet is going to hit, so the game becomes friendly for more inexperienced players.

X: Is sniping all that you’ll be doing in-game a la Silent Scope or are there other elements such as up-close combat, stealth elements etc?

MS: Throughout the game the players will have to use stealth to pass enemy territory, do some long distance shooting, will play as a soldier from an assault unit and go in guns blazing. This game is for anyone who enjoys the first person perspective genre.

X: What kind of online component will you be implementing? Is creating a persistant community of particular importance with this release or is the focus on the single player experience?

MS: All the folks who enjoy playing as snipers online will feel at home in our multi-player mode – one of the maps is even called ‘Campers paradise’. Official details on the online mode coming soon. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news.

X: Being a current generation, modern day shooter with a gritty feel, will obviously be putting you up against some particularly heavy hitters when it comes to the first person shooter genre; namely Activision’s Call Of Duty franchise and EA’s upcoming Medal Of Honor reboot. What is it that will be distinguishing Sniper Ghost Warrior from the rest of this illustrious pack?

MS: We believe we created the best sniping experience in a video game ever. Being the predator, observing your prey (who doesn’t have a clue that he is in your sights) makes you feel powerful. We wanted the players to experience this feeling. Our game is unique: a full blown modern times sniper game with unpredictable tempo changes.

X: The title will be receiving both a PC and a 360 release, yet no word yet on a PS3 version, is there a particular reason that Sony’s console won’t be seeing a port?

MS: Nobody said that it won’t be seeing a port. Nothing official yet, but we take all possibilities into consideration.

For more information on Sniper: Ghost Warrior, check out the official website.

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