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DSi XL – Hands On

May 4th, 2010 by

DSi XL ConsoleThe DSi XL, not much to say other than its a normal DSi but XL. Like the regular DSi, the DSi XL has two screens, one of which is touch sensitive, two built-in cameras and all regular DS and DSi games are playable on it.

The XL screens clock in at 4.2 inches diagonally (10.67 centimeters), 93% larger than the DS Lite screens. Which is huge. The colours are great and all the images are clear and sharp.

You might be thinking, ‘Won’t the games be all stretched on the larger screen?’ , In fact they’re not. The games that I have played on it so far are: Metal Slug 7, Mario-Kart, Avatar: The Last Air-bender and Brain Training: Arts Edition, all of which look great on the screen, though I have heard that some games don’t look as good on an XL (Professor Layton I think)… After playing Metal Slug on the XL for a good 2 hours I decided to slot it into my original DS to see what it looks like on the first generation screens. After playing on the original DS for about 20 minutes I was wondering how I coped with the tiny screens. I won’t look back after getting my XL!

The form factor of the device is not one suitable for travel as it is too large to fit into your pocket. But it’s not something you’d use when you travel, the wide viewing angles and large screens make it easy to play games on the couch with other people. My XL came with the DSi Browser installed and I found browsing the web with it a pleasant experience. The bottom screen can be used to move around the page and the top screen is used for viewing. As for battery life the XL is great, with 13-17 hours of battery life and you can replace the battery when you need to very easily. The charge time isn’t too long and you can play the games while it’s charging. Yay. I did find after holding the XL for a long period of time your hands get a bit tired and the L + R buttons can sometimes be difficult to press.

However, overall the DSi XL is a great console and I look forward to playing many more games on it!

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  1. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Does it make a womans hands look small?

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