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If Clint Eastwood Made A Game, It’d Be Lead And Gold

April 22nd, 2010 by

I want to share a little something with everyone reading, this little something being a title called Lead and Gold. LaG is a downloadable game that’s currently released on Steam and has been announced for the PSN to be released on the 22nd of April, with an XBLA version on its way too. What I wanted to share with you all is this: this little nugget is how a downloadable game should be and in my opinion its a perfect example to others on what a DL only game should represent.

Let’s start with the basics shall we? LaG is a 3rd person wild west team and class based shooter (wow is that ever long winded!) The game is fairly fast paced with two gangs facing off with one another in various game modes, generally to make (or steal) the most money! The first to $999 wins! Simple right? Well… not so much. Sure its easy to run around and do your own thing, but its not in the spirit of the game, as the whole point of the title is to work as a gang, working together and to encourage you to do so there are some neat little features that’ll have you thinking twice about running off on your own.

Each team is made up of five players who have a choice of four classes:

Gunner - Your typical cowboy; carries a trusty six shooter because that’s all he needs! He has the ability to aim fire and also to fan his gun firing in rapid succession, putting as many bullets into someone as he can.

Blaster - Your close combat guy! Big, burly, ginger bearded miner type that carries a double barrelled shotgun that’ll annihilate anything when up close and personal. He can also throw a stick of dynamite enabling him to close the distance between him and his target.

Trapper - This deadly beauty takes a leaf from Sniper Wolf’s book and is the female sniper type. She also has the ability to drop bear traps, anyone foolish enough to step in one gets damaged and is held in place while they open the iron jaws from around their ankles.

Deputy - The Dep is a force to be reckoned with, wielding a repeater rifle he can out range everyone other than the Trapper and has ten rounds he can pump out in rapid fire, though his downfall is a slow reload time if you fire all of his rounds at once. He is also able to mark his targets, allowing everyone to see that target, even through walls, which also does some bonus damage to that target when fired upon.

Each class also has synergy buffs that are applied when you are in the proximity of another player, and are unique to their class. As for gameplay, its very short and sweet allowing you to play in a game for a quick bout, then moving onto the next map. No long winded, 40 minutes long Team Fortress 2 games here to be found, and for a downloadable game I think it works in its favour, giving it that quick flowing feel. The title keeps itself moving quickly, transferring you onto map after map, never letting you get too familiar with the areas, so it feels fresh every time you play.

To see the game in actions, check out this footage I’ve recorded:

As I leave you guys to watch and hopefully look forward to having a blast on LaG, I leave you with a quick interview I managed to snag with a couple of guys from the developers Fatshark, have a listen, I hope its as informative as it was fun for me to do!


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For more information on Lead and Gold, check out the website.

8 Responses to “If Clint Eastwood Made A Game, It’d Be Lead And Gold”
  1. avatar xeroxeroxero says:

    This game looks awesome, might need to check this out on PSN! Thanks for putting this together Rheyr, a brilliant post, an excellent video, a superb interview.

  2. avatar porky says:

    Oh i beg to differ, If clint Eastwood made a game, it would be Red Dead Redemption.

  3. avatar snorkle256 says:

    Looks interesting. To me, it looks like TF2 meets the Old West.

  4. avatar Rheyr says:

    It very much looks that way on the surface, but trust me, the game pushes the same buttons but plays very diffrently.

  5. avatar DeadmanXIII says:

    I’m buying it!

  6. avatar Adamski UK says:

    Great Article – Words, Pictures, Video AND Audio! Briliant.
    Question – the video seems to show a ‘grey’ cirlce in the middle…or is this just some artifact from the video? I’ve not seen the recticule done that way before.

  7. avatar Rheyr says:

    Thats the riticule, its representing where the shots could land, Fatshark wanted to have people realise that they are using weapons from the Old west so guns ain’t 100% acurrate

  8. Fantastic article, and good interview. Will keep my eye on this title.

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