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Review-gasm: Heavy Rain

February 11th, 2010 by

The press review embargo for Quantic Dream’s interactive mystery has been lifted, and we start to see the  scores emerge. What’s clear from the outset is that Heavy Rain demands your attention, if for no other reason than getting an understanding of what the fuss is all about.

Hot on the heels of MAG, this is the next in a long list of PS3 exclusives that could make 2010 an incredible year for PlayStation 3 owners.

If there is any uncertainty left in your mind after reading these reviews, you can check the demo out for yourself right now. Go grab it immediately from the PlayStation Store.

Heavy Rain is released on the PlayStation 3 in the U.K. on Friday 26th February.

Game Informer (9.5/10):

“Taking the right lessons away from its previous title, Indigo Prophecy, developer Quantic Dream has shorn away most traditional video game trappings from Heavy Rain. What remains is an innovative journey through an engrossing and well-paced mystery. You’re given just enough gameplay to forge a connection to the world and its characters, but not so much that it interferes with the game’s cinematic sensibilities. Heavy Rain is a truly pioneering title, and hopefully the vanguard for a new genre of interactive narratives.”

1UP (A-):

“Though shorter than other epic, multi-disc titles, there’s more than enough content in Heavy Rain to warrant a purchase. At the end of my first playthrough I was left utterly satisfied with the conclusion of the story and wanting more titles of this caliber. Heavy Rain may not appeal to every twitch-shooter fan out there, but if you believe games can evolve beyond Pac-Man and Mario then I suggest supporting the amazing work Quantic Dream has done.”

Eurogamer (9/10):

“…while it is an intricate game that deserves to be debated for a long time, it is also a simple one to enjoy: a thrilling mystery, cleverly composed, and unlike anything else you will play this year. It may also be the only game you play this year where pulling the trigger makes you really feel something, and I can think of no greater compliment.”

IGN UK (9/10):

“Heavy Rain is a hell of an experience. Its controversial control scheme actually works really well in allowing the fantastic story to dictate how events play out, and many of the game’s scenes will keep you on the edge of your seat. It starts slow and the presentation isn’t perfect, but the character development, dialog and story twists will hook you like few games can. Heavy Rain is not to be missed.”


4 Responses to “Review-gasm: Heavy Rain”
  1. Some good scores, I’m downloading the demo to play again with the good lady, see if she can get caught up in the atmosphere

  2. avatar Russell Chilvers says:

    I dare not play the demo because I know if I do I will buckle and buy it on day one. My pile of shame already has snow on the upper slopes.

  3. avatar Darko Maledictus says:

    This type of game really gathers to a certain audience, I can not see it selling well. I personally tried the demo, and as much as I love the visuals I do not enjoy playing a movie. Too many QTE and way too much of a streamlined story for my tastes… more power to the people who love that stuff!

    ps : As for the people who say this has multiple ways of playing out the story… great, now put that tech in movies and i’ll really enjoy watching 100 different versions of the same movie… playing it not as much!

  4. avatar Ivy Sepulchre says:

    I loved the demo and found the QTE very natural unlike most games. I have high expectations for this one!

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