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Review-gasm: Aliens vs. Predator

February 20th, 2010 by

We’ve come a long way since 1994, when Rebellion launched their first Aliens vs. Predator game on the Atari Jaguar. The franchise saw further success for them in 1999 on PC, being well received by press and gamers alike. So here we are in 2010 with their latest vision of the classic Sci-fi shooter.

Here’s a selection of reviews.

IGN UK (8.5/10):

“The three species set-up feels generous even at a time when people demand so much of their games, but it’s a premise that dates back to Rebellion’s first Aliens vs. Predator in 1994. While much has changed it still feels a little rusty – this isn’t as slick as a Modern Warfare or Halo and its production values feel like they’re from a different age, with poor textures and the occasional unimaginative set-piece belying the fact that underneath the HD dazzle is a core idea that’s changed little in over 15 years.”

Eurogamer (6/10):

“The online portion is enough, at least, to rescue the overall package from the utter mediocrity of the rest of the game but it remains, on balance, a deeply disappointing effort. Scrappy where it needed to be polished, clumsy where it needed to be nimble, the game wears its iconic characters as a shield, happy to serve up scripted shocks but offering nothing that might actually surprise.”

Gamespot (5.5/10):

“It’s the little things that really drag the game down. Aliens vs. Predator seems to be a well-meaning attempt at reinvigorating a languishing series, but grotesque kills and some entertaining multiplayer moments don’t cut it–not when so many slick and exciting shooters are on store shelves, vying for your time. The attention to detail, the well-considered level design, and the sense of momentum that characterize the finest shooters are missing here. Aliens vs. Predator is sometimes enjoyable but never escapes an overwhelming sense of carelessness, so while it may remind you of the good old days, it fails to recapture them.”

1UP (D):

“The problem is that Rebellion’s shooters haven’t come very far in the last 10 years, and their latest creation belongs squarely in the tradition of linear slogs through corridors devoid of personality. This is the way shooters were made in the olden days when all you needed was a good engine, but minus the good engine part.”


Aliens vs. Predator is now available on PC, 360 & PS3 in the U.K.

5 Responses to “Review-gasm: Aliens vs. Predator”
  1. avatar Pat Jennings says:

    Nice summary. I really enjoyed the original on the PC, though it was rather difficult, but it looks like this revamp is good for a rental or bargain basement purchase only. Shame.

    Incidentally, I’ve just been watching Predator on Channel 4 (UK) and the first advert break was a single, four minute long, advert for this game! It was very cool. :-)

  2. avatar Martyn Hackett says:

    Some really mixed reviews there, to say the least.

    Looks like mileage varies according to your love for the source material.

  3. avatar Rotten ICE says:

    Ive been dining out on this demo all week and loving it, so much so I bought the game last night, over mass effect2 or Bio-shock2

    The reason,
    I have never played mass effect nor plan too until it gets much cheaper, and whilst I could have waited for this flop to drop in price, I really do like the multiplayer its really good fun even if a bit glitchy at times.

    I was a big fan of the original on the Jag64, with its very own controller skin for the buttons.

    The thing is unless those big games offer me a demo I am uninterested in buying them on hype alone, maybe with a demo, I would have got mass effect or bio-shock.

    I am yet to go through the campaign with all the characters 25% with the alien and 5% predator, but so far its been a fun game.

    Whilst I could have probably waited for the drop in price I am certainly getting my fun out of this game so far.

  4. Someone talking about the Jag version…. now there was a game – if you want to see some old school video’s of that – check this out – http://d1060657.u211.pipeten.co.uk/2009/02/15-years-on-can-lighting-strike-twice-for-rebellion/

    Oh I must have removed the video’s, but youtube has the opening 10 mins playtime from each race

  5. avatar Vampire Azrial says:

    It’s not the greatest game of all time agreed, but it’s a good fun game, already finished it on all 3 species, enjoyed the alien the most, as it felt like something new and fresh, being able to hide in shadows on the walls and leaping to your kill, the predator is OK, but for all your weapons you’ll end up using your wrist blades for 90% of the game, as ammo runs out in seconds, and the marines, whilst fun felt like pretty much every other FPS game out there, but the motion tracker does add atmosphere.

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