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PSP to PS3 Connectivity – So much more than just Remote Play

June 21st, 2009 by


I must be one of the only people never to have played Final Fantasy VII, so when Sony announced that it would be coming to the Playstation Store, I knew I would be an early adopter.

My initial response was to download it to my PS3, then play remotely on my PSP whenever the TV was in use.  A ‘Win Win’ situation if you will.  The fact is, I hadn’t entirely thought it through.  I had no idea how great a game Final Fantasy VII really is, even after twelve years, and how much I would become absorbed in the world and the characters.  I’m sure anyone who has played it will lay testament to that.

My ‘Win Win’ situation suddenly turned into a big fat ‘LOSE’.

What if I want to play FFVII when I’m not tethered to a wireless internet connection?

There was only one thing for it.  I would have to pay another £7.99 and download the game directly onto the PSP.

Luckily, the good men and women at Sony are already one step ahead of me, and boy, have they got this one right…

After logging into my PSN account on my PSP, I realised that I had already paid for it once.  I could download it effectively for free, because the rights were tied into my account, not to my PS3.  Absolute genius, and the way that ‘Steam’, ‘Xbox Live’ and ‘iTunes’ work.  Sony are always being touted as the ‘poor cousin’ when it comes to their online department, but they’re rapidly taking steps to catch up, and must be applauded when they do so.

So now I have the game on my PS3 and PSP, but my save game file resides on my PS3 hard drive.  Would I have to start the game from the beginning, or could it really be as simple as plugging my PSP into the PS3 via USB and transferring the save file across?


Yep, more excellent work from the chaps at Sony.  Seconds after connecting the two devices via cable, I had the seven hour save file on my PSP.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

I can now play FFVII, wherever my legs (and battery) take me, and having just left Midgar, I feel like the journey is only just beginning.

Sony, I salute you.

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