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When 2 addictions collide – WOW & Peggle

April 24th, 2009 by


I remember the first time I took a flight in World of Warcraft after only hours of playing it (for those not in the know – think of this as a taxi service from one region to another).  What WOW’d me the most was that all of this happened in real time, naturally it would have to do this being an MMO, but still it blew my mind.

However if you then skip forward a few months and levels, players soon find themselves questing the length and breadth of the kingdoms, spending up to 10 minutes at a time sat watching the same lands pass by under them.

This is why I used to have Peggle open as well as World of Warcraft.  It was not only the flights, but often there would be downtime, be it waiting for a group to arrive at a dungeon or killing time in the auction house.  So many opportunities to Alt+Tab to my other addiction – Peggle.

However Popcap have gone one further and introduced Peggle as an official World of Warcraft addon.

WOW addon’s are traditionally UI enhancements such as additional toolbars, quest helpers and damage meters, until last year when Popcap released Bejeweled as an addon.  It was just what people wanted, another way of killing time within World of Warcraft during downtime.

But Popcap have gone one step further and decided to allow their most popular and addictive casual game to go hand in hand with the hardcores most addictive MMO.  Genius.


As you can see, the addon is very recognisable to anyone who’s played Peggle before, in fact the core game is still the same, with the same mesmerizing physics as always.  But if you look closer you may notice that the level in this screen shot is not any level you’d have played before.  This level is actually called Ironforge.  Thats right, all levels are themed around locations within World of Warcraft, 12 to be precise including Stormwind, Undercity and Dalaran.

Anyone who’s played Peggle in the past will be aware of the many different games modes including Classic, Duel and Battle.  All of these are available within the World of Warcraft addon, along with something new and very specific to this version.  A talent tree.


Talent tree’s within WOW are class specific and allow points to be spent with each level gained, with benefits such as +5% dodge or +5 Strength.  Now you will also be able to customise your Peggle experience with its own in game Talent tree.  These range from simple benefits such as increasing  style shot points and +% chance for a free ball after a missed shot, all the way to the likes of “When you hit a green peg, the purple peg has a 10% chance erupting in a small explosion, scoring itself and nearby pegs”.

However selecting your talents are as important as they are in WOW itself, as you never have enough points to have everything.  But also just like in WOW, you can reset at any point and see what works best for you.

It looks like a great combination of Heroine and Crack considering both of these games in their own right are super addictive and its something I’m already experimenting in.  It might not have the same charm as the actual desktop Peggle that I’ve come to love and cherish, but certainly an great time filler.  Actually, make that a perfect time killer, because there is appsolutly no charge for this.

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