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Resistance Retribution Review (PSP)

March 21st, 2009 by


After the problems the store had on the day of release meaning I could not add funds to my virtual wallet and never had enough funds to buy it. I did think it might not be a bad thing as, I already have a pile of shame to out do most Surprised but, I purchased it today. I don’t like UMD’s so, being able to download the full game was great and a hats off to Sony for leading the way in the download future, especially as the cheapest I saw the UMD for sale online was £22.99. That said, I doubt the virtual price will drop but, the UMD will no doubt lower in price over the coming months.

I did though end up getting it this afternoon and I am glad I did. ;D

This game plays as well as you could hope for a shooter on the PSP, what with it only having one analogue nub but, the buttons work fine for looking around movement with a little bit of sensitivity tweaking to suit each individual gamer. I always put the slider up a bit on the sensitivity to compensate for my aged lack of reactions, then adjust myself to the over shooting your target as movement is then so quick. The auto aim works fine, as does the auto snap into cover mechanic in when you approach scenery. Other game developers out the should take note of what Sony Bend have done here with the cover mechanic. If it can be done on this handheld game, there is no excuse on the uber powerful current generation machines not to do the same.

resistance_retribution_logo1The games story fits in somewhere between the two PS3 Resistance releases although, being honest, personally I don’t gives a stuff about a story in these kind of shooters. Show me what my comrades look like, point me towards the enemy and I will just kill as many as it takes to get to the end of the game. OK, I want it to look nice along the way and to make the battles varied but, I don’t care to get to know the reason they are fighting. That said, the start of this games story is pretty good and sets your mind thinking about why you have the hump with the Chimera. It does make you think a bit about who your character is.


At the moment, the multiplayer on this is untried by myself but, other reviews I have read all say it stands up there to be counted amongst its peers. It supports most of the regular online game modes and, even voice chat in game. If I can work out how and what device is needed to chat on the PSP and, I don’t have to buy another headset, I will give it a try and add my findings to this review.

Now, this game has a little extra feature new to the PSP, where, you can link this game to the PS3 albeit only via the USB cable, not WiFi. This unlocks two new features in the game. The first mode infects your PSP and, your RR character Grayson becomes one of the infected, glowing eyes included. Now, I am unsure but, I think something similar happens in Resistance 2 but, I am not that far into the story as its in the pile of shame to be finished. This mode changes your characters appearance and, gives you health that replenishes plus an awesome magnum with exploding rounds. This infection of your PSP only works until you end that game and quit back to the PSP menu screen. You can though infect it as many times as you want and it does change how the game is played adding extra playability.

resistanceThe second connected mode enables you to control the PSP from with your dual shock sixaxis controller but, only whilst the PSP is tethered to the console by the USB wire. It works a dream but, other than the control benefit whilst playing the game (second analogue stick to aim and easier weapon change) it is actually sort of pointless. Now, anyone that has a PSP and a Dual shock controller will know, they are actually not too dissimilar in size. You are holding what feels like a monster controller whilst looking at the little PSP’s screen. All the while, your bloody great big beautiful HDTV is showing a screen saying the PSP and PS3 are connected. Now, if the image from the PSP game appeared on the PS3’s HD screen even if it was windowed with the dual shock control, you would have something worth using. Holding the dual shock and looking down at your PSP on the floor or propped against something only a metre from the PS3 is like having an ashtray on a motorbike for me. Novelty factor 10/10, actual use 1/10.


So, I have paid the £24.99 to pick this up on the PSN store today for and, do I think it was worth it. Ohh yes I do but, I had previously tried the demo so, it was a safe bet for me. I would though recommend everyone gives the demo a go before splashing out and even if it is just to see how a FPS can work on a handheld.

From what I have played so far, I would score Resistance Retribution as 8/10. The multiplayer might increase this though once I have played the game online.

It would also have been a nine out of ten had the link between the two pieces of hardware meant playing the PSP game on the big screen through the PS3. A missed opportunity I think by Sony but, I suppose all things can be patched and the connection infrastructure is already in place ;)

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