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Helghast infiltrating the web – post battle report

February 26th, 2009 by


With the new onslaught of Helghast in perhaps one of the most anticipated titles of the year Killzone 2, players have been having a ball.  However its not just the lucky Playstation 3 owners who can help rid the world of the invasion.  You too can be part of the solution and help rid the Helghast from the World Wide Web!

I got a heads up from the guys over at that Sony and Guerrilla Games have been busy giving us more options to take on the fiendish Helghast with a web game of Killzone.

But no ordinary web game, allow me to explain.  Once registered on, users are able to download a toolbar which is compatible on both Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Once installed and you’ve logged in, this is what you see as part of your browser

How exciting this seemed, at any point I could be attacked while surfing the internet.

However nothing was happening and I had almost forgotten about it.  Until now!

While kicking about on a browser, I got an alert on my toolbar, “Incoming Helghast” with an option to engage, steadying my curser I accepted the challenge.

Now, the following 2 screen grabs were the best I could get while fighting, as you can see the cursor becomes a crosshair and your given an amount of time to fight off waves of Helghast.  Moving the curser out of the window reloads your weapon while your score is also calculated based on headshots and the like.



After the battle was over I was left stunned, I didn’t expect anything to happen, let alone this!

Finally after the battle (or at anytime out of combat) you can check your stats based on the battles you have been through.

picture-4With this fantastic implementation and the ability to also form clans, I feel that Sony have really pulled off something special.  I encourage you all to go and download this and just try and not be impressed when the action kicks in.

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