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MLG Comic Club – January 2013 – Locke and Key: Volume 1


Dec 18th 2012



Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 328


Hi All,

I am happy for the January book right now so that peeps can get organised over the Christmas period.

I have heard nothing but good things about Locke and Key so it seems like a no brainer….

Volume 1 is available at Amazon for £12.15 delivered ( or from Forbidden Planet for £10.34 but delivery might be charged (

Enjoy your reading and we can chat about it at the end of January!





Dec 28th 2012


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


I gotta say, this comic isn't really doing it for me.

I'm not entirely sure if it's the writing or the artwork or both. Everyone's facial expressions are so limited, and maybe it's just the artist's style, but they all look kind of dorkish as well. The character's are so shallow that I often feel like they are defined by their props. a fishook A's cap, a pipe, a cane, a lip-ring (or lack of lip-ring to show change).

There are moment's of brilliance though, in the second volume there are some wonderfulness splash pages with lots of cool little details and I do quite like the lavish backgrounds. However, I fear I'm going to lose interest in this series after I finish reading what I've already purchased.

What do you folks think? 

On a side note though, I'm totally in love with American Vampire. Now that is an unpredictable, well written comic!

Dec 29th 2012



Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 328


Hmmm, interesting points there GoddTodd, I have had decidedly mixed feelings about this after reading volume 1.

As you state, the characters do not have any real spark to them (yet?) but the premise of the story is intriguing and I have picked up volumes 2,3 and 4 digitally to see if it goes anywhere.

I like that fact that the supernatural element is not isolated to the house (seen in the school flashbacks etc) and that there are limitless possibilities with all the keys hinted at by the end of volume 1. Its an interesting start to what has the potential to be a very different style of story.

On your other point, American Vampire is a cracking series, one that I could see being ported to a TV miniseries (crosses fingers!) – Snyder's storylines are well thought out and clever, its easy to see why he is at the helm of Batman at the moment!



Dec 29th 2012



Ep 63: Fighter pilot's thumbs

posts 268


I'm currently reading Omega the final volume (issue 2 came out just before Xmas).


I'm a big fan of this series. Joe Hill (Stephen King's son) tells a great story with the secrets of the house and all the abilities of the keys.


It probably doesn't really kick in until Head Games when they start getting more keys and Dodge gets more ominous.


I love the art especially as the series goes on.


It's probably not as good as American Vampire, but I love it for a different reason.


Also I was bummed when they cancelled the TV show after filming a pilot, but it was probably going to be too expensive to do all the effects etc.

Dec 29th 2012



MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 286


I may be chipping in on this a bit. That's what I'm reading at the minute.

   2449 – 4660 – 2730 3DS

Dec 30th 2012



Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 328


I am about to start Volume 2 – Head Games. I will update my views here when I finish it.



Jan 2nd 2013


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


OK, I've read my way through the Clockworks volume and I have to admit it's gotten a lot better.

But it sure took them a long time to more fully flesh out the characters.

The real star of this book though is the landscapes. It's a strange aesthetic. Even though the perspective often seems like it's viewed through a telephoto lens there is an immense amount of attention to detail in each frame.

The "mindful" panoramas are astounding. Unfortunately, you don't get to see much of the book's potential in the first volume. I highly recommend at least reading through Head Games to get a better feel for the series.

Jan 10th 2013



MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 286


I finished it very recently and really enjoyed it. The ending was very intriguing and my main character was probably the youngest son. Can't remember his name. The premise of magic only working on kids is very good and it sort of reminded me of Pan's Labyrinth. 

I've moved on to a Stephen King/Scot Snider combo American Vampires.

Loving the xmas comic books awesome

   2449 – 4660 – 2730 3DS

Jan 23rd 2013


Spalding, Lincolnshire

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 403


I love this series, so far I've read up to Crown of Shadows. Its 1 of the few where when the next volume drops through my letter box I just can't stop reading till I've finished. Even started double dipping on my kindle so I can read them anytime. Glad to see everyone else has been enjoying it as well smile

Jan 23rd 2013



Ep 89: T********g

posts 51


I haven't posted anything about Locke & Key as I read it a few months ago & haven't had the time to re-read it.

I have bought up to Volume 5 though, so pretty sure I enjoyed it!

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