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Launch Day purchases


Nov 18th 2012


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


Now I am one of those tight buggers who leaves games purchases till the price has plummeted. So still not played Arkham City, Uncharted 3 etc.

I was wondering if you ever feel cheated, I got Skyrim 1 month after launch for £20. This gave me time to see which of Xbox or ps3 was better, allowed the patches to come out and saved me at least a third of launch price.

I remember pre ordering Fallout New Vega and getting some free content, but it was pretty much a waste of time whereas if I had waited 12 months you get the game AND all the DLC for a lot less than launch price.

I reckon they should give launch week buyers a season pass for future DLC content, then there is a real incentive and they are valuing their early adopters.

Nov 18th 2012

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


I think the only game I've ever pre-ordered was Disgaea 3 for the Vita, but that's because I bought the Vita on launch day and then had to wait two months for D3 to be released. I'd preorder a Vita Monster Hunter or Vita Dragons Dogma if such a thing were possible.


That said, I'm all for buying on launch day, or at launch day prices, for a title I want to support. Weird as it sounds, I do consider 'supporting' a title or franchise when I consider the price I'm willing to pay for it. 

Nov 18th 2012


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


If the game has a multiplayer element to it, like Max Payne 3 or Borderlands 2, I'm more likely to get it when it comes out, because for the first 2-3 weeks there will be a ton of people on your friends list playing it. And there's nothing funner than the first time you and a friend fly past each other down a narrow hallway, guns blazing, in bullit time. Listening to the squeel of discovery over your headphones is priceless.

I really liked Max Payne 3, but it didn't have an unlimited shelf life. Most games don't.

But even with games we'll all be playing for a long time, sometimes you just have to be there when everyone is discoverying at the same time what makes it so good.

Like first time we all played Flood together in Halo 4. The sound of 15 grown men screeming like girls and nearly crapping thier pants and all at the same time was well worth the $60 I paid for that game.


Nov 19th 2012

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


GoddTodd said:

The sound of 15 grown men screeming like girls and nearly crapping thier pants and all at the same time was well worth the $60

Definitely a bargain. I dread to think what such a specialised service would cost elsewhere on the internet…

(although we could ask Matt for a quote I suppose)

Nov 19th 2012


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


Well I didn't think about the multi player side of things lol smile 

Nov 21st 2012


In orbit around Pluto.

Ep 61: Awesome Ruler

posts 299


Dragon Age 2. I worshiped the first one… I really loved it and played it through fully 4 times.

The second one, well it was very fancy looking but wasn't fit to wash the boots off its daddy.

Poor graphical glitches, dead end plot threads and problems synching bonus content. Stuff that.


Best early experience was Skyrim. First day pruchase, took the day of work and played for 17 hours. Bloody awesome.


Incidentally I've just seen that Xcom is in the Steam sale for £20… I'm SO gald I held out now before buying it. awesome

Nov 22nd 2012

Egg Daddy

Tunbridge Wells

Community Manager

posts 414


I have bought 2 games in launch week this year. BF3 and Blops2. Notice the theme?

Online MP is the only reason I can justify the cost as playing with mates is priceless to me.

Everything else I buy when it is £20-£25 – Still haven't bought ME3 yet and I loved ME2, but i have a backlog to clear and it will wait!

XBOX GT: Egg Daddy   PSN ID: EggDaddy06

Nov 22nd 2012


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 214


I usually wait a while until the price drops a bit. some games longer than others it depends how badly I want to play it.


However there is one game that I will make an exception for and get on release day.



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