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chod dropping!


Jul 7th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


as a follow up to an afterthought on another thread, im just wondering if anyone else needs a controlled environment in which to comfortably lay a cable.  This stems from a queery regarding my not using a toilet in a supermarket.  I just find it a terrible prospect.  If im honest i find it hard to drop a log in my own toilet if my door's open, even if my wife and son are out.  I think its the fear of being intruded upon…  By a burgler for example.


Picture the scene, burglar passing my home decides to take his chances and nick my ps3.  He enters confidently, pleasently suprised by the lack of apparent occupancy in my abode, feeling plucky he heads up stairs to snatch a pair of my used boxers for sniffing in his garden over a beer with his dirty chav mates… 


Meanwhile i hear the entry and panic that, owing to my not having the door closed, i will not now have time to correct myself before confronting the intruder so i make an emergency call on my phone which was on as i was blasting through temple run whilst laying my egg. 


As mr scum reaches the top half of my staircase, he hears a shuffling noise from the landing and i slowly scurry, trousers round my ankles to the top of the stairs, screaming, 'GET OUT', red in the face, legs bowed and pooh continually plopping out of my hole.  He panicks and tries to leave the house, i try to give chase, but, owing to my trouser bound ankles, i fall unceremoniously down the stairs now screaming (owing to the shock of the fall) 'GET OUT'…  I land on top of poor mr scum and we roll together to the foot of the stairs.  I feel the need to contain the intruder while i wait for the police to arrive…


So, i sit on top of mr scum , pooh spreading over his lacoste tracksuit and we wrestle for the next 30 minutes, Mr Scum, gagging and pleading me to let him go stating hes, 'sorry' and only turned out this way cos his dad usedto feed him marmite on toast as thick as what Godd Todd ate it!  Eventually the police arrive and after being violently sick arrest me for indecent assault…


Alternatively i just dont like the prospect of people walking in on me dumping…  Its a sacred, personal time.


Does anyone else need a fairly controlled environment in which to lay their offspring??? 

Jul 8th 2013


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


Goodness, you had to bring me into this, didn't you?



I lived in a warehouse space where there wasn't a roof on the bathrooms. We had this new roommate that was turning out to be a total ass-hat, and one morning while I was sitting on my thrown, I let out a fairly loud shart. Ass-hat had the gall to break the illusion of my peaceful solitude by calling over the wall that maybe I should change my diet. Fucker. I'd like to think that we've grown into a mature culture, that realizes that we're all human, and respects that we have a mutual understanding to provide the illusion of dignity to our fellow public bathroom dedicators. But then a fucktard like ass-hat comes along and breaks the "Fifth Wall" and ruins it for everyone. But I say fuck it. If some immature twat has a problem with the natural noises I make behind the stall door, that's his problem. I'm not going to endure intestinal pain and suffering because someone else can't think like an adult.

I say take care of business and enjoy the rest of your day.


Jul 8th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


A good point, very elequently made!!

Jul 9th 2013



Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


I can and do poop anywhere.  Friends houses no issue, out in the woods sure, at the nephews school for sports day only once.  Yes I do have a favourite (The upstairs toilet at the mother in laws). 

Jul 9th 2013



Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


I also like to get at least 1 paid poo in per shift at work.

Jul 9th 2013

Adamski UK


Community Manager

posts 1965


My throne is my sanctuary.
Only go in other places if needs must.

PSN ID: Adamski__UK  (That's a double underscore)

We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.
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Jul 9th 2013


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


This thread just gave me an idea for a new video game.

The Blue Chod Bathroom Mystery Paperwork.


Jul 9th 2013



Ep 62: Dropped your ring?

posts 282


Post edited 22:09 – Jul 9th 2013 by StevoA

"I also like to get at least 1 paid poo in per shift at work."

Ah, the work poo is definitely something I enjoy. You can't rush a dump, even on work time. It's the perfect time to slip in a bit of Animal Crossing as well. So if any folks see my 3DS online during working hours……


Jul 10th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


ahhh, StevoA, that is a quite unsettling thought…  Unless i am also playting animal crossing while dropping a log..  Perhaps theres a new online meeting post required here!!!  But what to call it??…


Antone else fancy sharing their personal dung crafting preferences?

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