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Hi all


Feb 16th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


Hi everyone


Been listening to the podcast for a while and have always thought the Midlife Gamer community sounded like a great thing to be a part of, so here I am. I'm a 29 year old English teacher from Nottingham and my console of choice is my Xbox. Always wanted to be one of those multiplatform types, but I have neither the time nor money for such frivolities. I've been gaming since the heady days of the Atari ST and have gone through alternating periods of obsession and nonchalance throughout the years. The 360 has really got it hooks in though, and I've been gaming hard through this whole generation. Currently loving Halo 4 and Far Cry 3. I have an irrational love of the Crysis games and Dragon's Dogma was my (unexpected) game os 2012. Is that a suitable introduction? It feels very self centered, but then what else could it be? Meh.


Feb 17th 2013

Brother Brown

Jam Butty Mines

Hide and Seek Champion 1989 to present

posts 2519


Howdo my good man and welcome to Midlife Gamer.

l can't believe that you missed the most important question of all out? wink

What is your Biscuit and Beverage of choice?

On a side note what's your gamer tag so we can end of those friends requests and check out your gaming skills?

Feb 17th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


My GT is Biro Funk. I really wanted Unstoppable Beef but its too long and I'd have to be Unstoppable Bee, which is somewhat less effective I feel.

And on the biscuit and beverage front, I consume several pints of strong white tea each day. I'm a devotee of the hob nob in biscuit terms. I have never understood why anyone would choose the digestive over its nobbly, oaty cousin.


Feb 17th 2013



Ep 46: Steak drapes

posts 535


Hello and welcome young man

Excellent choice of biscuit too 

Feb 17th 2013

Brother Brown

Jam Butty Mines

Hide and Seek Champion 1989 to present

posts 2519


lve just realised that your the second teacher we've had join the site this week. Must be the educational side of the podcast.

Feb 17th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


It's half term, so we have a few days of guilt free gaming pleasure ahead of us. I'm going to spend all day today balls deep into Far Cry and I'm not going to let that pile of marking in the corner make me feel bad about it either!

On another note, how do I get me one of those bad ass signature GT summary things? Wouldn't have any use for the PS3 side of it, but I do have a Steam account that might be worth adding.


Feb 17th 2013


Ep 94: Spray on pants

posts 28


Hey Amigo….Welcome. Nice to see you played it safe with the biscuit wink I told them mine was Twiglets and they went crazy laugh

Feb 18th 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Hi Unstoppable Beef

Welcome to MLG great biscuit choice ever decided to be indulgent and get the caramel and choc hobnob. See you on the boards

Feb 18th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


The caramel chocolate hob nob is a rare but delectable beast. I have indeed enjoyed many a caramel chocolate hob nob, but strictly on special occasions (maybe to celebrate the purchase of a box of Yorkshire Gold tea bags, for instance). I would liken them to champagne – a rare treat of which regular consumption would render me posh, or rich, when I am neither.


Feb 18th 2013


Another dimension

Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 88


I agree with the caramel chocolate hob nob's, simply awesome, excellent dippers, although I do like the odd Nice biscuit every now and again but usually end up with half of it dropping in my cuppa.

Feb 20th 2013

Baron Von Pleb

Sheffield Sex City

Community Manager

posts 1010


Hello hello there. Welcome the site, forum and more importantly the community. Come in and make yourself at home. Plently on game give away taking place at the moment and on running community nights.


Let me know if you need anything.


Also – i've just thrown you a friend request on xbox. Let me know if you want to get involved in the gaming nights etc.

Gamertags: Xbox 'Baron Von Pleb' and PSN 'BaronVonPleb'

Twitch: baron_von_pleb

Twitter: BaronVonPleb


Gimme a shout if you need a hand with owt. 

Feb 20th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


Yeah I got the request – cheers. Have been trying all day to get my way through Halo 4 on solo legendary. It's the closest thing to self flagellation that I've ever done. I'm sure I vaguely remember video games are supposed to be fun rather than just mind numbingly difficult. I should be up for some gaming nights. I'll keep an eye out for what people are on.


Feb 22nd 2013


Sheffield UK

Ep 97: Sunbed Hero

posts 13


Welcome laugh

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