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Hello from clouds-mate


Nov 23rd 2012


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 5


Well hello there you weird and wonderful people,

Firstly want to say how much I love the show and Mat and Darren you are true legends!
I'm Dale and have been hiding in the shadows watching and waiting to strike like some pervy ninja for a while now. Not quite sure how long exactly but its been long enough that I can't remember how I discovered MLG in the first place but was around episode 164 – The Gibb Factor. I am however working my way through every episode from the beginning and is quite interesting seeing how much the podcast has evolved. I especially like when its an episode from 3 years ago and Darren and Mat make future predictions and I can see if they were right or not, mostly not lol it's a bit like being a fortune teller and I feel all empowered! Mwahahaha! (Also still trying to figure out what happend to misogyny lol)
I'm far from midlife with only being 25, but as awesome as that may be it does mean I missed out on some epic consoles. Infact my first console was a sega master system with in build Alex Kidd and boy did I love that machine! I eventually upgraded to the Sega mega drive (both 1 and 2) and life only got better! The sound of it booting up still sends shivers down my spine and tingles in the pants section. From that I've had the Super Nintendo which I didn't play a lot of really as my mega drive always ruled supreme and it wasn't until the playstation came out that it got replaced. The playstation is responsible for me not being a rocket scientist or something similar as I literally spent every waking minute playing it! I still wouldn't change that experience though as it fills me with so many good memories and is why il always be a playstation fan boy! My next love was my playstation 2 and the first game I ever played on it being Timesplitters! In my opinion one of the finest games ever to have been released and God knows why they cancelled making TS4 =..( il post up a petition soon and hopefully we can bring it back!
Anyway we could be here all day as I've been lucky enough to have literally played or had every console released thanks to my amazing and supportive parents. I was even allowed to play 18 rated games way before I was old enough and you know what? I've still not hijacked any cars by killing the driver with my S-Uzi and going on a killing spree in real life as the papers would have us believe happens when we're exposed to games like GTA!
Today I mainly play my PS3 ( Juneau22 ) but I also own a wii I play sometimes and lots of iOS games on the old IPhone. I'd love a PC to play stuff like war Z but funds don't allow =(

My favourite drink is a big ol'mug of tea and choccy digestives! Yum!

Anyway I'm a bit of a waffler so il say good bye now but look forward to talking to you guys, playing some games and going balls deep when the opportunity allows!

Oh and I live in the West Midlands near Wolverhampton and work in Birmingham so would be interested to know anyone who lives close

Toodle pip


Nov 24th 2012

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


There was a time you could hardly drop a pack of choccy digestives in here without it hitting a west-midlands mlg'er on the back of the neck, but it's all a bit diverse these days. I'm sure they'll make themselves known.

Welcome to the forum, make yourself comfortable, would you like a Garibaldi?

Nov 24th 2012


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 5


Seriously? Thought I'd be alone lol As for your offer of a garibaldi I must confess I don't know what they look like =S I sense I'm on dangerous ground now.

Nice to meet you Mesozoic prinny, where did you get that name? Lol

Nov 25th 2012

Brother Brown

Jam Butty Mines

Hide and Seek Champion 1989 to present

posts 2519


Howdo clouds-mate.

Start sending out those friends requests my good man, there is still a few of us that enjoy our PS3 gaming and there is all so the Killzone 3 night on Saturday which I really need to get back to. embarassed

If you have a copy of NFS Most Wanted you can tackle some of my substanded time's.

Catch you online matey.

Nov 25th 2012



posts 1671


Yo yo yo my friend.

We've quite an army of midlanders around these parts

Nov 25th 2012

Adamski UK


Community Manager

posts 1965


Welcome aboard the good ship Midlife Gamer Dale.


Timesplitters 2 on PS2….just fantastic. It had it all. I'm sure there is a petition online to get the next Timesplitters game back into delveopment…oh yes, here it is:




What sort of titles are you playing on the PS3? We're trying to get a little more interest in the PS3 with the community, so if you have any suggestions as to what to play, let us know.


Oh and Wolverhapmpton? I know her well. I used to live in the town centre…many a happy night out there.

PSN ID: Adamski__UK  (That's a double underscore)

We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.
MidLife Gamer YouTube Sexy Quiz

Nov 25th 2012

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


Post edited 18:44 – Nov 25th 2012 by Mesozoic Prinny

Don't worry about your Garibaldi-virginity. We're a friendly bunch, us Garibaldi types. Not like those militant Jaffa Cake sorts. String you up as soon as look at you, they would. The road to biscuity enlightenment is paved with Garibaldis, but only if you choose to walk it. Don't dunk them though, because then the pavement would be all soggy. Think of them as a delicious pot-scourer to cleanse your mouth, pre-tea. Incidentally, it's interesting that you were allowed to play violent games and were unaffected. Watching or playing anything I wasn't old enough for was unthinkable in my house (we weren't even allowed to watch ITV without parental supervision) and I often think about how lucky everyone else in this country is that I'm not allowed to buy real guns.



Jan 11th 2013



Ep 70: Sitar Hero

posts 184


Welcome my fellow Playstation Fan Boy smile


Great to see more of us on here, I too love the podcast! The forums are just as good I assure you, very friendly.


Feel free to add me and see you online sometime, If you have Killzone3 there are bunch of us that team up every sat night.


P.s. Oh I miss Time Splitters sooo much, wish they would make a new one, or even a HD version would great.


Twitter: @__RichieRich__

IOS: RichielcfcRich

Jan 14th 2013

Baron Von Pleb

Sheffield Sex City

Community Manager

posts 1010


I love long and informative introductions! Well done dude.


Welcome to the community and Forum. See you around.

Gamertags: Xbox 'Baron Von Pleb' and PSN 'BaronVonPleb'

Twitch: baron_von_pleb

Twitter: BaronVonPleb


Gimme a shout if you need a hand with owt. 

Jan 23rd 2013

Hugo Rune

Retirement Home

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 1752


Did someone mention Jaffa Cakes?

Welcome to MLG and pay no heed to those that advocate the Garibaldi. They have strayed from the primrose path of biscuitdom.

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