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A year off gaming but I'm back.


Dec 13th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Hi all. 

I'm Ian and as the title says, I've had a year off. Why?  Partly due to lack of time as I have two whippersnappers running around and partly because I got bored. I got stuck in a rut of playing the same few series of games and it became tedious. 

So what brought me back? In a word, or a gamer tag, Black73cat. My overly enthusiastic brother going on and on was enough to wet my appetite. I'm also glad to announce that I have broadened the variety of games I'm playing. 

Back in the day I had all 3 main consoles. I then flogged the lot. The pick of the bunch for me though… was the xbox. So I have repurchased an xbox of the 360 variety.  Next gen hasn't really excited me enough yet. When current gen came out it blew the previous gen away. The difference was clear. Having looked at a few comparisons it doesn't feel the same to me this time. It will come in time as developers make use of the kit but for now I'll make use of the plethora of cheap games available for the 360. This is an odd attitude for me. I do like the latest version of any gadget! Maybe it's middle age making me all sensible?! 


I decided to make a totally fresh start so started a brand spanking new profile. ToonManic is the GT and also available in twitter @ToonManic 


Having read a few other new member posts I've seen that beverage and biscuit preference info is expected. Well, I'm partial to a Yorkshire brew during the day and love an ale or a single malt in the evening. I don't really do biscuits but if I had to have one it would be one those huge cookies. Crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle. That's not even a euphemism. Although… 

Right, I think that's all that's required. 




Ian (ToonManic)

After a year off gaming I'm back with a fresh MS profile. 

Raptr Gamercard

Dec 16th 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Hi ToonManic

Welcome to MLG I'm not a 360 gamer but if the siren call of PS+ pulls you over to the PS3 then feel free to add me. Otherwise i'll see you on the boards. For the 360 guys and galls on here what are the games your looking to get stuck into ?

Dec 16th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Hi Bob Lord Of Doom and thanks for the welcome. We might meet up on PS4 maybe one day wink


As for my game choices… Well I got a bundle with Tomb Raider, COD Ghosts and Halo 4.  I've not played Tomb Raider since the original. I am about 25% through it and I'm really liking it. The graphics, audio and story are so immersive. Not touched the other 2 yet. 


I'm also up for trying a few older games that can usually be picked up pretty cheap. I've been playing the first Gears of War as it was free last week on Gold. I also have to find child friendly games for when the sprogs are running around. Been playing a bit of F1 Race Stars. It's ok. They could have done better imho. Trying too hard to be like Mario cart and failing. It's a bit of a giggle I suppose. Got a load of other stuff lined up. 

After a year off gaming I'm back with a fresh MS profile. 

Raptr Gamercard

Dec 17th 2013

Baron Von Pleb

Sheffield Sex City

Community Manager

posts 1010


Welcome to the forum and the community Toon. I'm a fan of a good ale in the afternoon myself.


Come in and make yourself at home, start and contribute to any thread you like. Make sure you check the multiplayer section for any session you wish to join (I know BlackCat has gone balls deep into Gears And Beers).


See you around. Neale.

Gamertags: Xbox 'Baron Von Pleb' and PSN 'BaronVonPleb'

Twitch: baron_von_pleb

Twitter: BaronVonPleb


Gimme a shout if you need a hand with owt. 

Dec 17th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Cheers Neale. 

After a year off gaming I'm back with a fresh MS profile. 

Raptr Gamercard

Dec 17th 2013


Sherwood Forest

Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 30


Who is this person?

I've never seen him before, in my life. 

He's a Newc*stle fan, for a start…can't be anything to do with me! wink


Welcome fella



I will willingly stop and allow you to shoot me…it's inevitable and less humiliating that way!


Dec 18th 2013


Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 254


Welcome ToonManic, 


Glad you've seen the light and came back to gaming. I know what you mean by same old games year in year out, but there is also plenty of hidden gems in among the usually yearly updates. Have you tried: Dungeon Siege III, great hack and slash dungeon crawler. Or what about Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.


I'm on 360 add me if you want SOLM. I'm not usually online gamer but I have been known to venture into it now and again.


Now down to the important questions:


1. Favourite Biscuit

2. Favourite Beverage.



Dec 24th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Thanks SOLM. 

I covered biscuit and beverage in the op. smile 

After a year off gaming I'm back with a fresh MS profile. 

Raptr Gamercard

Jan 3rd 2014

Brother Brown

Jam Butty Mines

Hide and Seek Champion 1989 to present

posts 2519


Welcome to Midlife Gamer lan.

There isn't enough lan's around here. Catch you online matey.

Jan 3rd 2014


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Cheers Brother. We're rare. smile 

After a year off gaming I'm back with a fresh MS profile. 

Raptr Gamercard

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