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A Return to the fold


Oct 2nd 2010



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


Hey all, its been a LOOOOOONG time since i've been among the MLG massive, but after feeling Matt's warm embrace and Daren's firm and manly handshake i just had to get my arse back to MidlifeGamer!


Oct 2nd 2010

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


Welcome back to the fold! I can only hope that Daren had it well talc'd for you.

You are encouraged to tell us a little about your gaming history, fave games etc.

You are required to tell us your favourite beverage and biscuit.

You are free to plug any podcasts/blogs/communities you are involved in. 

[some sort of smiley which tips a sarcastic but not unfriendly nod to your sig]

Oct 2nd 2010


St. Helens, Merseyside, UK

Ep 34: Ding

posts 808


Welcome back to the forum.  As well as answering all the above re-initiation questions could you also let us know what console you're mostly using at the moment and of course what games you're playing too. Just because we're really nosy that's all Lol.  Awesome

        ♥ TROPHY WHORE….! ♥

Oct 2nd 2010


Portchester, Hampshire

Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 331


Short and sweet but welcome to the mlg.

Oct 2nd 2010

Brother Brown

Jam Butty Mines

Hide and Seek Champion 1989 to present

posts 2413


tridentmorph said:

Short and sweet but welcome to the mlg.

 I would like to second Morphs motion.

( waiting for smutty response ) ROFL

Oct 2nd 2010



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


okay, im mostly on the Playstation 3, but have been known to dabble a little on my humble 360! i DO own a Wii, but barely touch it these days.


Playing wise:

On 360 im eagerly awaiting Enslaved

On PS3, im playing Lost Planet 2, and replaying MGS4

On Wii…. Yeah, Nowt for now, but if anyone is up for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom im game!


HOW could i have forgotten to detail the biscuit and beverage?!?

Lets go with Oat and Raisen Cookie and a Jack and Coke.


As for podcasts/blogs/communities i'm involved in, http://www.dpaddependency.com has just celebrated it's 1st birthday!


Oct 19th 2013



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


Post edited 01:03 – Oct 19th 2013 by DeadmanXIII


Dusted off this old thread to say hi again.

Quick update: I have a son now, have become a Gamerscore whore, have ditched PS3, own GTA5 but I'm not that keen on it and finally I am EAGERLY awaiting my Xbox One in a little over a month.

I decided I needed to try GTA online with a crew of quality lads and lasses, and when I did I was hit with a nostalgic blast of Undead Tuesday and Gears and Beers shenanigans. With a smile on my face and a song in my heart I set the MLG podcast on download and set about trying to remember the login details for the forum.

So, how are you?


Oct 19th 2013

Hugo Rune

Retirement Home

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 1750


Welcome back, we haven't missed you in the slightest. wink 


Congrats on fatherhood and shame on you for ditching the PS3. It's nice to know Daren is still sporting that hallucinogenic / rohypnol  patch for the meet and greet hand shake.

Oct 21st 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Welcome back again i missed your first return but i'm glad i have made it for your 2nd comming wink I'm not on the 360 so i'll see you around the boards

Oct 22nd 2013


Ep 67: Neverending Story

posts 215


Welcome back. What circumstances made you wander away in the first place? Was it responsibility of Fatherhood? I to can relate to that but my work with raring is almost done 14 and 21. But they just won't get the hint and leave the house LOL.

Oct 23rd 2013


mysterious placed cardboard box

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 916


welcome back long time no play i do see you play some unique titles to get your score up see you online soon

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