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New Balls Deep Please Starting Soon: 360 Virtua Tennis 2009


Oct 17th 2012

Simon Stevens

John o'Groats

Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 253


and another player through in the form of Dangerous DM


We are now officially 1/4 of the way through this stage so time to get those grass stains on your knees guys

Oct 24th 2012

Egg Daddy

Tunbridge Wells

Community Manager

posts 414


Apologies, but I think I am going to have to drop out. Work has gone mental and i am doing 12 – 14 hour days at the moment which leaves no gaming time at all.


Thanks for all your hard work Mr Stevens, gutted to have to do this but hate the fact that I will undoubtedly hold things up.


It was good getting to hook up with a few of you online.

XBOX GT: Egg Daddy   PSN ID: EggDaddy06

Oct 25th 2012

Simon Stevens

John o'Groats

Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 253


No Problem at all


With Egg's retirement this affects the tournament as follows


Firstly in the Singles, Godd Todd now receives a BYE


In the doubles, as Baron Von Pleb's team already had a bye, Tepic did not have to deputise for him.  As such Tepic will now take Egg Daddy's place in his team so the match up is now

Tepic & Crystal Skull versus Currierox & Warrie


Everyone  has until Baron von Pleb returns to the country before the rules regarding compeltion of matches starts to get tightened

Nov 11th 2012

Simon Stevens

John o'Groats

Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 253


The Baron has returned to the country.


I would like the majority of the tournament to be completed by 2013 therefore, as previously mentioned, I'm tightening up on the rules:

I will be contacting all players with an outstanding match today.

- if neither player responds then the highest ranked player will go through

- if only a single player responds then the respondent will go through

- if both players respond then they will have a week to play their game.  If the game is not played within that week then both players will be out.


I will focus on the singles tournament this week and the doubles next week.  Good Luck all

Nov 11th 2012


mysterious placed cardboard box

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 916


I am taking myself out of the tourney don't have the time for this as when I have spare time I want to play what I want

Nov 11th 2012

Baggie Boy

Ep 99: Wizards Sleeve

posts 2


Hello sorry haven't played many games to be honest I don't know how many games I have left to play.it would be best for me to drop out.I'm sorry for wasting your and everybody elses time.good luck to you and everybody else in the tournament.balls deep to everybody.boing boing.

Nov 19th 2012

Simon Stevens

John o'Groats

Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 253


Post edited 13:32 – Nov 20th 2012 by Simon Stevens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The deadline has now passed.

Elimations are as follows:

-Ennis88 advances over Crystal Skull as the only respondent
-Steevie B advances over Bertie's Paw as the higher ranked player
-Both Brother Brown and Linton have retired
-Uncle Fista advances over Smudger as the higer ranked player
-AdyHD advances over MaGE1974 as the higer ranked player
-Currierox advances over Tepic as the higher ranked player
-Type40 Dashboxer advances over MrDir3ctor as the only respondent
-Docster advances over Rob Mafia as the higher ranked player
-Welsh Benno advances over EpicArdaSnails as the higher ranked player

Therefore the matches for round 2 are as follows:

Ennis 88 versus Steevie B

Digital Pariah recieves as Bye

Uncle Fista versus Baron Von Pleb

AdyHD versus Currierox

Jayce Stokes versus Type40 Dashboxer

Docster versus Godd Todd

Dangerous DM Versus Maijin Willie

Welsh Benno versus The Warrie

These matches are to be played over 3 sets, 5 matches per set with Tiebreaker on.  Fot htis round you do NOT use your created characters and all matches will be Roger Federer vs Roger Federer.

Good Luck all

Nov 19th 2012

Baron Von Pleb

Sheffield Sex City

Community Manager

posts 1010


Ready when you are Big D!

Gamertags: Xbox 'Baron Von Pleb' and PSN 'BaronVonPleb'

Twitch: baron_von_pleb

Twitter: BaronVonPleb


Gimme a shout if you need a hand with owt. 

Nov 20th 2012


MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 58


Guys, as much as I hate to do it I'll have to bow out (if I've not been kicked for inactivity already) and watch from the stands with my strawberries and cream. I've just got too much on at the moment and can't commit to anything too specific, other than a random late night game of Halo when the mrs has gone to bed


Father For Justice and proud!

Nov 20th 2012

Simon Stevens

John o'Groats

Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 253


Due to new information.  Crystall Skull is still in the tournament and replaces "Bye" so he will now play Digital Pariah

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