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xcom enemy unknown (2012)


Oct 24th 2012



Ep 55: Boob physics

posts 290


Playing classic/ironman and just about to attempt the last mission. Wish me luck!

<a href="/forum/profile/

Oct 24th 2012

Egg Daddy

Tunbridge Wells

Community Manager

posts 414


Overwatch – got it, use it heavily when playing Hunters 2 on IOS

Satellites – I had heard this somewhere else, but haven't got a clue what they do? Why so important?

Engineers – What is so special about them?

Am I right in thinking that this isn't a massively long game that is all about multiple playthroughs on gradually increasing difficulty?

XBOX GT: Egg Daddy   PSN ID: EggDaddy06

Oct 25th 2012


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 207


Satalites find UFO's, keep panic levels lower and give you extra money each month.


Engineers build things quicker and cheaper (not esp that important in the grand scheme of things)


A good full game without rushing might take about 40 hours (at least my full game clocked in at about that)

Oct 25th 2012



posts 1671


Where does it show your total playtime for the current game? Would love to see how much i've sunk in

Oct 25th 2012


Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 247


Not sure if it does in game Mat, but on the PC Steam tracks it. Mines sitting on 13 hours….I only started playing 2 days ago.

PSN ID: Vimesy74

Steam: CmdrVimes

Battlenet: Vimesy74#2797


Current games of choice:  Battlefield 4 & Hearthstone.

Oct 25th 2012


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 207


Yeah, steam counter.

Oct 27th 2012



Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Raptr tracks mine. 41 hours played so far & i'm just about to tackle the alien base. Taking things nice & slow & still only lost the initial 3 soldiers on tutorial level.


Oct 31st 2012

Egg Daddy

Tunbridge Wells

Community Manager

posts 414


GOTY contender for me. Think I am about 15 hours in and just tackled Alien Base. Not rushing plot missions. Learning game mechanics on this Normal/No Ironman playthrough ready for my Classis/Ironman 2nd playthrough.

XBOX GT: Egg Daddy   PSN ID: EggDaddy06

Nov 15th 2012


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1125


Yep, loving this game.


Not sure how many hours I've put into it, but I'm currently on game 29 of classic ironman and I'm finally getting a few months into the game without losing all my soldiers or financial backing.


I've only just fashioned some half decent armour!


I must say that CI is a beautiful way to play.  Pretty tough strategically from the outset and not knowing how some of the items work is an absolute joy.  The first time I took a live alien in for interrogation was incredibly tense because I also play with the alien 'hit points' off, just to make it a little more Monster Hunter-esque.


I can see myself having to start a few more games before I get near to the end, but I love it! thumbs-up

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

Nov 19th 2012


Ep 76: Bleaching Uranus

posts 126


im currently knee deep in this game and im pleasantly surprised. first off im not very good at this type of game as im not a great multitasker. im playing this on easy and i still find it difficult. I love the whole micro management between mission and cant wait to research the next alien weapon. not keen on the big skinny overseers mind controlling my men though frown

Feb 18th 2013


United Kingdom

Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 5


After two weeks and 45 hours I just completed this. What a great game.

My first effort was horrific and I lost the Council after four months but I learned and my second game was successful.

I wussed out and started on Normal Ironman, Classic Ironman with most of the second wave options turned on for me next. 

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