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Which way to the gaming oasis?


Jan 24th 2013



Ep 62: Dropped your ring?

posts 282


I've just come back from my lunchbreak and I'm sad. Near to my work is a generic shopping centre, now I'm not expecting much but what little shelter a gamer can get is being eroded away. HMV has virtually no stock (unless you want a copy of Call Of Duty) which I know is down to their recent troubles but it still gets me down. The only new stock in Game is either preorders or WiiU. In fact the WiiU section is bigger than the Xbox and PS3 sections combined.
High street retailers are shrinking as people can get bargains online or digital distribution, but where does that leave those of use who enjoy the tactile experience of browsing the shelves and finding a hidden gem?
Where can I go and have half an hour daddy time when my wife trudges me and the kids into town shopping?
Does anybody know of any gaming grottos? Maybe a gaming themed cafe or bar? Or an independent shop with good service and a retro section as big as a garage?
I need cheering up. Someone show me that it isn't all digital distribution, trade in forgetfulness and waiting for the postie (unless it's for a collectors edition strategy guide).


Jan 24th 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 214


Its a sad state of affairs when it seems that predominantly 'bloke shops' are disappearing from the city centres of our nation.

When my wife and I go to town she has a plethora of shops to choose from; clothes, shoes, perfume, Jewellery. I used to scurry around to Virgin, HMV, Game, Gamestation, and Jessops (I know not a game shop but I do a lot of photography) and now so many of these have fallen by the wayside. There is still a Game and maybe HMV will survive for a bit but thats about it.

I guess its because tech is tech and its easier to buy online as its fairly standard whereas, clothes and shoes have that 'try on' factor to see if it fits.


Oh well theres always the Lego shop……..

Jan 24th 2013


Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 320


It is sad. You've got me thinking – back in the very late 80's we used to pop over the road to the Old King Lud pub in Blackfriars to play Super Mario Bros all lunchtime on the Play Choice 10 machine they had in there. And then in the early 90's, it was lunchtimes in the arcade in The Strand to play proto polygon games (there was one great game I loved where you put out fires on a aircraft carrier from a helicopter  – that was top). Nothing like that anymore. A shame indeed. There is an independent games shop very near where I work these days in Hackney, but the prices are shocking and there are way too many PS/ PS2/ GC and original Xbox games for sale. There might be a hidden gem there but I've not found it.

I reckon Costa or Nero's should have a little gaming area where you can bring in or borrow a 3DS or Vita and have a play during those shopping trips. Or just stare at the bra's in Debenhams like the rest of us.

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Jan 24th 2013


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1423


WOW, I'm gonna count my blessings I live here in The States.

We have lots of GameStops, Comic Book Stores, Tabletop Game Stores (Board,card,Roleplaying), Used Book Stores, dudes that will fix your iPhone for cheap siting in comfy coffee shops. We even have a few remaining old school movie palaces, but I miss not having Bijou Art House style theaters that used to play a different old film every night. You just cant get that experience anymore of watching A Clockwork Orange in a crowded theater. It's nice to know though that there's still some theater's doing Rocky Horror live in front of the screen. My niece is all into that scene. <proud uncle sigh>

But I digress. Yeah, the internet is taking the place of casual fun shopping. It started with Record Stores, remember record stores?! Then the Bijou's were killed by the video market. And Computer Stores! You don't have those any more. I bet the T-Shirt stores are next. 


Jan 24th 2013


Sidcup, Kent

Ep 72: Constant Craven

posts 165


Do you have a CEX store near you?  They are normally good value for games, all trade ins and you can find some really old stuff too if you're lucky. 

Jan 24th 2013



Ep 46: Steak drapes

posts 535


StevoA said:

 Maybe a gaming themed cafe or bar?

I was talking with the good lady a while back and was just saying that I would love to open a Gaming coffee shop, not really for selling games but have arcade cabinets in there and maybe hold weekly tournaments. All kitted out with gaming gear in cabinets tracing the history of gaming from Pong  to now. Maybe one day I will get off my ass and actually do something about it 

Jan 24th 2013



Ep 62: Dropped your ring?

posts 282


Post edited 23:35 – Jan 24th 2013 by StevoA

"Do you have a CEX store near you?  They are normally good value for games, all trade ins and you can find some really old stuff too if you're lucky. "

There is a CEX in the centre of Edinburgh, but it's not a fun place to visit (small, tatty, emo music/noise and shelves groaning under the weight of COD trade ins).
If me and the missus won the lottery, I think we'd open up a gaming coffee shop. All the tables could be those arcade cocktail cabinets.


Feb 4th 2013

Adamski UK


Community Manager

posts 1965


Anne Summers. That's where there should be a gaming pad.


I remember TopMan (when I used to have the waist line to shop there) had a gaming 'pod' in their stores. But like the ones in HMV, it was just occupied by snotty nosed kids.


In Rugby town, there is a GAME store (wish they'd kept it as Gamestation) a CEX (very small) and an independent store that sells used games, music and movies. They staff in Gamestaiton (I'll refer to it as Gamestation for a while longer) are a good bunch and always welcoming…although I think they could do so much more for their customers… do things that internet retail can't.

They're just not quite engaging enough….maybe thats the corporate line, but i'd love to see them put on events from time to time. Its not a lot of hassle to set up rock band in a local boozer and get people together. wink

PSN ID: Adamski__UK  (That's a double underscore)

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