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What's the sweet spot price for a Wii U Premium? I just caved at £199


Oct 18th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 7


Hello all.

In a moment of weakness I just bought a Wii U Premium with Wind Waker.

Funny thing is, when I woke up this morning I had no plans to buy another console this year.

But something about that price appealed to me.

And I only got partway through Wind Waker on GameCube, and it might be fun to play with my oldest child.

So, how low would Wii U or other consoles have to go to get you interested?

I got it from a deal of the day from Play.com – see the ad on their homepage.
It's sold by Shopto at £50 less than shopto's own price, which is strange.

And what else is a system exclusive must-have? Lego City Undercover is on my list.
Was there anything else unmissable that I need to get?

Oct 18th 2013


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


For me it will be £150 including a NEW Zelda game, though Windwalker is a great game, it isn't a system seller for me. 

Oct 19th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 7


Later in the day I saw that Argos had a Vita (3G + wifi) for £139… I had a small pang of regret.  Still, the Wii U arrives Monday, and I've got ZombiU on the way for £12.  Hope I made the right choice.

Oct 19th 2013


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


I saw that, reserved it but then decided I wouldn't use it. May get a 3DS or 2DS as few Zelda and Mario games I'm interested in :-)

Oct 19th 2013



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


I have a buddy with a dusty wiiU, and is think of selling locally for around £180 with marioU. I have pangs of desire for it but would instantly regret it. Plus, I have given him a LOT of shit for his WiiU purchase and the lack of games on it.


Oct 19th 2013


If there's a bright centre to the universe, I'm in the City it's furthest from, (or Coventry for short)

Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


I've been tempted over the last few months, and then more still since seeing the line-up of games at Eurogamer.


I also had a play on Wonderful 101, which I really liked and I suppose the only thing that stopped me picking up the Wii U from Play.com was the fact I didn't really have the cash.  Had they done the same deal a week later, I think my resolve may have buckled.


I reckon that £200.00 is a good price point, seeing as you get the premium console, (special Zelda edition) plus a new release game (even if it is a remake).  I know you can probably pick up a base 8gb model quite cheaply, but to be honest, don't think I'd ever consider getting the base model.


Hope you have fun with it anyway – let us know how you get on.

Raptr Gamercard

Oct 21st 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 7


It arrived today, which was pretty quick.

Set-up and getting started went smoothly, and within 3 hours of getting home I've charged the controller, had my tea, put the kids to bed, downloaded system updates, downloaded and have just fired up Wind Waker (cue: child wakes up, needs to be settled, hence taking a minute to write this).

I've got a bunch of demos downloading in the background too.

First impressions: I *really* like the Zelda markings on the controller – it makes a nice companion for my golden Skyward Sword Wii-mote.

I spent most of yesterday watching unboxings and reading WiiU first impressions pieces, so was prepared for the worst in terms of system responsiveness (long delays opening menus etc). Has that been improved in the last year, because so far it hasn't seemed too bad – though being given a mini game to play while the eShop loaded was a worrying sign.

So far I'm happy with my purchase.

Oct 21st 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 7


Oh, and I found a Zelda key ring in the box too. Result!

Oct 22nd 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 211


Nice I'm torn between this and Mario World 3D for my Christmas present. I'm presuming they will release a special edition for Mario World 3D. Did it take long to update the system software?

Oct 22nd 2013



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


Post edited 17:52 – Oct 22nd 2013 by DeadmanThirteen

Picked up a WiiU today after all. Grabbed Mario Bros and ZombiU for now. Just doing the set up and exploring the options. I'm DeadmanThirteen if anyone fancies an extra WiiU friend.

Oh I picked up Nintendo Land too. Not sure if any of these have online play.


Oct 22nd 2013


Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 20


I wish I hadn't bothered with the 32gb version and saved the money with an 8gb. I've only opened their store a couple of times.

I'd say my favourite game is Lego City Undercover its the only place your going to get to play it and the stories full of "Dad jokes" which suits me fine. The extremely long load times are painful but its still worth it.

If the Rayman Legends Challenge app is still available for free that's worth a go

Oct 26th 2013



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


I'd agree with the lack of interest for anything on the eshop, if you had gone for an 8gb you only have 2gb of actual free space and I'd rather have a bit more for any updates or the chance of something special appearing.

Speaking of something special, has anyone tried the Panorama apps yet? There is an interactive trailer/demo available and it blew my mind just a little. For £1.79 I am tempted to give one a try.


Oct 27th 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 7


System update took around 30 minutes, I think – about the same time as Lego City Undercover loading time in between missions (!).

Thanks for the tip – my copy of Lego City arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with it. Lots of laughs in there, and so far the missions have been fun. The loading times are shocking, and they really should have put something more interesting to look at than a loading bar on the controller screen.

I also had a go with ZombiU, using my 'extra hour' when the clocks went back. I like the way it integrates use of the controller screen into the gameplay and uses it to build tension. My first survivor lasted about 55 minutes before meeting a panicked, grisly end. Stirring stuff, but not a game for playing just before bed time. I liked that it's set in London too – makes a nice change.

After the first week I have to say I'm very happy with my WiiU (though our fridge freezer broke down during the week, so there's no way I would have bought it had I known that was about to happen).

Zelda is great, and it's long enough since I last played that I don't remember the details of the dungeons. I like what I've seen so far of the WiiU community too – the handful of messages I've posted on Miiverse have had nice responses – including some helpful suggestions when I posted a screenshot of Zelda and said that I was stuck.

Playing in Zelda in bed has been a big positive too. I had to move the console into the room as the signal didn't reach from my 'office', but that was easy enough. Though it was then disappointing that my other two games don't allow remote play. Seeing how convenient that is has increased the chances I'd get a Vita at some point as a companion for PS3/PS4. The Animal Crossing Miiverse / plaza is really nicely done.

I've downloaded demos of the Wonderful 101 and Rayman.Legends to have a look at later, and whilst there's not much else I'd consider getting on the eShop, the experience of using it was fine. Will have to look at the Panorama apps too.

As for the choice of premium vs regular, I'm content to have more space, and I like the glossy black console and controller. I'm not sure that I could have got the console with Zelda any cheaper if I'd gone for the 8GB.

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