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What game have played through to the end more than once?


May 11th 2013


Ep 71: Hello Computer

posts 177


You know that great feeling of achievement, (and sometimes relief) when those end credits start scrolling slowly up the screen. Then six months later you experience a random moment of nostalgia that results in you cracking open that dusty box once more. Thinking "ah just a quick go" which ends up with you getting hooked once more. Well that has happened to me on numerous occasions.

My most played through game is the first Tomb Raider. I played it through twice on the PS1, then also the rebooted version on the PSP. Just writing about it now makes me want to have just a quick go.

May 11th 2013



Ep 97: Sunbed Hero

posts 12


Sly 2: Band of Thieves , played and loved it on the PS2 and now that I own the HD trilogy on PS3 I've played it a few times more. Love that series , its a close tie between that and Ratchet and Clank for my favourite Playstation franchise

May 12th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 60


Resident evil 4. Twice on ps2 and once on ps3. Oh I love that game

May 12th 2013


Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 320


Not many… Bioshock about 3 times, not Bioshock 2 but I did replay the Minerva's Den story just before Infinite released. FFVII I've definitely done a couple of times, The above mentioned Ratchet & Clank (the second one), the first Dead Space, though I think that was New Game plus – does that count? When I do go back to a game, I don't necessarily finish it. I've got a right at the end of it replay of ME2 to finish off at some point.

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May 12th 2013


mysterious placed cardboard box

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 916


for me there is a set of games which i have completed multiple times on each one and also got on multiple platforms and that set of games is metal gear solid 1, 2 ,3, 4, and also peace walker i never get bored of them whenever i am in a gaming slump i pop one of these in and most of the time it gets me right out of it also another game what i have completed multiple times is ace combat shattered skies love that game 

May 12th 2013

Caliburn M

The Shire

Ep 60: The late show

posts 311


That I can recall the only one i've repeat played is Civilization and Civ 2 erm and Civ 3 and Civ 4 not got 5 yet frown.

Not enough time and too many games.

May 12th 2013


Ep 97: Sunbed Hero

posts 11


Half life 2 is the only game I've completed twice. I've not really got the patience to play a game where I know teh story and have worked out the puzzles but Gordon was just too exceptional

May 12th 2013


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1125


Loads of games.


Mostly Nintendo.


I've replayed through most of the Metroids at least twice.  Some of the Zelda's more than three times.


Advance Wars 1 and 2, Resident Evil 4, Pikmin, Fire Emblem GBA, Golden Sun 1 & 2 all at least twice.


I've played Mass Effect through nearly three times.


I've probably forgotten loads, but then there's all the games that you just keep playing, like the Animal Crossings and Monster Hunters of the world. Unite and take over. wink


Yep, I do love a replay.

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

May 12th 2013


Ep 74: Hey you guys

posts 149


I must have completed mario64 about 4 times on the n64 and then once again on pc emulator then again on wii.

Plus I'm sure I completed goldeneye a few times too.

Was at uni during n64 days and daily drinking/gaming sessions used to beat attending lectures. If you could 'complete' champ manager then that would be about 100 times too.

May 12th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


Im actually partial to revisiting games and playing them through, mainly owng to the lack of financial backing for my habit and my lack of motivation to get my arse in gear at times.  However, the games that realy stand out for me are, Goldeneye, Ocarina of time, Gos of War 1, 2, 3, and Ascension,  and my own personla hour tampon, Dark Souls, Demon Souls…  I know ive played through Dark souls around six times, sadly, but its one of those gmes where your forced to replay to revisit the epic boss batles, Demon Souls is comparable.  I dread to think how many litteral days ive sunk into those two games.


I actually really enjoy replaying ames i enjoyed, its like wallowing in the smell of last nights sex!!!

May 12th 2013



Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


MGS series, Resident evil 4, FFVIII, Theme Hospital and Crash Bandicoot, Ocarina of time, Links awakening, A Link to the past, Dead Rising, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Does Tekken count? If so then Tekken 2 and 3 about 70 times each, Mario Bros 1 2 3.

 I think I could go on a lot here but the biggest theme I can see is I'm a sucker for reissues of classic games like the MGS platinum collection or the PSone store even Mario All Stars on the SNES.

May 12th 2013



Ep 63: Fighter pilot's thumbs

posts 268


Lots of games, but probably the classic point and click adventures keep me coming back even though I know the puzzle solutions.


I've played Day of the Tentacle at least once a year for as long as I can remember.

May 13th 2013



Ep 46: Steak drapes

posts 535


Played a couple through more than once, the best of the lot has to be Fable 2 and really enjoyed each play through smile

May 13th 2013


Ep 89: T********g

posts 50


Like lucien21, for me it's all about the classic point & click adventures. I've just recently finished playing through Beneath a Steel Sky, this time on the phone whilst commuting. Mostly, though, it's the Lucasarts classics I go back to – I must have played through the original Secret of Monkey Island at least 4 or 5 times.

My flatmates and I also went through and completed GT3 twice, but that's a different kind of deal… smile

May 14th 2013



Ep 46: Steak drapes

posts 535


Have to agree with the Secret of Monkey Island, I'm actually playing through that again now to mop up some of the achievements smile))

May 16th 2013



Ep 71: Hello Computer

posts 173


Post edited 16:40 – May 16th 2013 by foomoo

These are games I have not only played through more than once, I have bought them more than once.

Portal 2 – ps3 and steam

Orange Box – bought, sold, bought again

RE4 – gamecube / PS2 (twice, UK and Canada)

RE5 – xbox / ps3

Peggle – Xbox / PS3 / PC

Halo 1 (Xbox & Anniversary)

Halo 3 – release & a $2 garage sale find

Jak and Daxter – PS2 / HD re-release

Sly Cooper  PS2 / HD re-release

Ico / SotC - PS2 UK & Canada / HD re-release

Psychonauts – bought PS2 UK, sold it bought PS2 Canada / bought on Steam / bought on humble bundle


Metal Gear Solid – PSOne – PS3

MGS 2 & 3 - bought PS2 UK, sold it bought PS2 Canada


the list goes on……..  surprised

May 16th 2013

The Tigerpig

Home usually

Ep 90: Pant Mustache

posts 49


Psycho Fox, Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap, Kungfu Kid, Shinobi and Quartet all on the Master system, Played to death and completed each one lots and lots of times. Although that might be due to a lack of new games…

More recently I have replayed the Halo Games over and over and over again (but not 4, not even bothered to go back for a legendary run)  I still go back to Star wars Battlefront 2 and I am moist at the prospect of a new one on the next gen.


I don't think that it's a story that keeps me going back to a game, although it helps, I think it's more the game play or if it has good co-op.

May 16th 2013



Ep 58: Fudge packer

posts 343


Dan said:

Plus I'm sure I completed goldeneye a few times too.

Me too, especially with the different objectives on different difficulty levels.

Definitely remember playing through Super Star Wars again and again, as well as Starwing and then Lylat Wars on the N64 (Starfox for our overseas cousins). 

More recently, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Mass Effect have been fully played through twice, and I never usually replay games now. I have a ton of games I want to replay, but never get round to…

May 19th 2013


Ep 71: Hello Computer

posts 177


Well it seems that many of you are afflicted with the same psychic disposition as myself. Its good to know I'm not alone and therefore will continue to allow myself those random moments of nostalgia, culminating in hours of replay funness.

May 31st 2013

Rotten ICE


Ep 76: Bleaching Uranus

posts 125


Pretty much only Plants Vs Zombies, I'm not very good at completing games.


I did a few more on older systems, ie golden eye, super mario world, mickey mouse castle of illusion.

But now days I tend to play more multiplayer games then I do single player

Raptr Forum Signature

Aug 8th 2013


Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 251


Here is my list:


1. Uncharted 1, 2 and Golden Abyss.


2. Mafia II – great game.


3. Star Wars: Unleashed 2.


4. Dungeon Siege III – love this game. Still have it on PC and Xbox 360.

Aug 9th 2013


Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 576


nothing much these days.. games that come to mind are mario bros 3 (probably hundreds of times im not shitting you)   metal gear solid and xcom: enemy unknown/ufo defence the ps1 copy.

Aug 11th 2013



MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 584


Portal 2

Fallout: New Vegas

Half Life 2

Halo 3


All awesome games laugh

Aug 11th 2013



Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 33


Most recently, Infamous. Also, I've beaten FFVII about four times.

Aug 12th 2013


Caldicot, S Wales

Ep 42: Pinball Wizard

posts 608


Deadly Premonition and Fallout 3 (talking main mission thread here as I don't think you can ever actually say you have done everything).

Aug 22nd 2013


north east

Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 15


the Orange Box played through 3 timesawesome just a brilliant game!!!

Aug 22nd 2013

Derek "Digi" McRoberts

Ayrshire, Scotland

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 330


Dont know why, but I tend to play epic RPG's over and over, and over. 


Those I've played through more than once include Fallout 1, 2, 3 and New Vegas; Final Fantasy 4 through 9 (never did finish 10 a second time), Dragon Age 1, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. 


I think there is something wrong with me….

Aug 22nd 2013


Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 16


There's been quite a few for me….


Mass Effect 1 & 2

Neverwinter Nights


Half-Life 2

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Command & Conquer 3

Star Wars Knights of the Old Repubic (Xbox and PC)

Deus Ex

Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast

Grim Fandango

Monkey Island 1-4

Day of the Tentacle

Full Throttle

Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

Maniac Mansion

Duke Nukem 3D


Dungeon Master & Chaos Strikes Back on the Atari ST

Aug 30th 2013


Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 251


Solm said:

Here is my list:


1. Uncharted 1, 2 and Golden Abyss.


2. Mafia II – great game.


3. Star Wars: Unleashed 2.


4. Dungeon Siege III – love this game. Still have it on PC and Xbox 360.

Adding Lego LOTR to my finished more than once.

Sep 3rd 2013


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 9


I used to a lot more before, but there are so many games coming out these days and I don't tend to replay many. The only one I can think of this generation is Borderlands 2, and that's mainly because you're meant to. Oh, and Heavy Rain, for the achievements. I did 50 Flights of Lovin' a few times, which probably doesn't count. I still don't 'get it', incidentally.

I've re-completed a lot of graphic adventures many times over, Monkey Island 1-3, Day of the Tentacle, Sam 'n' Max, Loom, Beneath a Steel Sky, Toonstruck. I've done FFVII three times. I think there were plenty of other old snes/nes/Amiga games which were short enough to replay over and over. Stuff like Home Alone, which probably lasts all of about 15 mins total. 

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