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RPG's – Multiple Personality issues


Mar 21st 2013


Ep 50: Fiddy

posts 465


I'm about a third of the way through "The Witcher 2" and gearing up for another run through the latter "Mass Effect" games. Something that's been bothering me for a while regarding the schizophrenia of playing RPG's.


When I'm playing these games there's an internal conflict between the decisions the character makes (the scripted ones), the choices I make in character and those I make as myself. By this I mean that I tend to decide who my character is up front and try to base in-game decisions on that. I do find myself making a few based on my own reactions to certain situations, occasionally though. I find takes real discipline to stick to.


Where does everyone else draw the line? Take the Role-Playing part of RPG seriously, or just play as themselves?

Ever made a decision as one that the other hated? I made one in Fallout 3 my character can't forgive me for…

Mar 21st 2013

Egg Daddy

Tunbridge Wells

Community Manager

posts 414


Was thinking exactly this last night playing ME3.

I had a decision to make regarding

whether to save the Rachni Queen that the Reavers had made.

I found myself looking at it from three points of view:

1. What would Shepard (as I imagine him) do?

2. What would I do?

3. What does the game want me to do for the best experience?

It really pulled me out of the game for a bit as I couldn't make a snap decision.

So how should we play an RPG? It would be far easier to just make decisions based upon 'if it was me', but I think that defeats the object of an RPG.

Any of you out there able to totally get into character?

XBOX GT: Egg Daddy   PSN ID: EggDaddy06

Mar 21st 2013



Ep 63: Fighter pilot's thumbs

posts 268


It's always one of the issues I have with all the Bethesda games. As much as they are all superb games you don't really play a role in the game unless you strictly monitor yourself.


I think the game encourages you to become master of everything. In real life coule you really be the head of the thieves, dark brotherhood, companions and the mage guild. It's a bit like being the CEO of coke, pepsi, Barr and Scwhepps at the same time.


The achievements etc push you to think that you need to do it all to get all the points etc, but you are not really playing a role.


I think you can play a role and stick to it, but you miss out on a lot of content.


Mar 21st 2013



Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 5


Its a tough one really, as I find the decisions I make are generally based on what mood I am in on the day. If im in a good mood i'll play the hero, if not then i'll make decisions like an anti hero.


Ive also found that no matter how strict you want to be about the decisions you make there is always one in a game where you think 'If I do that then its a stupid choice' and so end up going against yourself. I guess its a good thing that these games manage to get us to doubt our choices and think long and hard about it. Must mean we care a bit!

Mar 21st 2013



Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


I tend to try and go through RPG's twice, first time a general good guy with a little naughtyness then 2nd time a bad ass mo fo who don't take no crap from anybody.

Mar 21st 2013



posts 1671


Woo – you just inspired me to dig out something I wrote on this very site over 2 years ago



I guess it takes a good game to make you question your decisions 

Mar 22nd 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


When playing RPG's who give me the choice i tend to play a more psychotic version of myself. So if you are nice to me i will be nice to you. However if you wrong me i will kill you, your friends, your family and anyone who gets in my way. 

Mar 22nd 2013


Sidcup, Kent

Ep 72: Constant Craven

posts 165


Note to self, never upset Bob Lord of Doom!

I like to play RPG's with an open mind and my decisions are based on the situation I'm in at the time. This generally leads to the "good" option but at times I have let innocents suffer or die just to aid my big picture ideas. It would seem we all have a little bit of RPG schizophrenia and If a game makes you have those moments of doubt or switches your initial plans of how you wanted to play the game then the developers have done a good job.

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