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Publishers stopping potential IP


Mar 19th 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Here is an article from euro gamer where Capcom game remember me was rejected by lots of publishers just because it has a female lead.




I think this is ridiculous. If the game is good i want to play it regardless if the lead is male, female or other. I want to be able to play interesting stories and i hate to think these are being stopped by publishers because of there preconceptions that only x sells. Especially if they only spend the marketing money on male lead first person shooters because that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

After reading this it makes me want to buy remember me day one just to prove a point.


What does everyone else think ? 

Mar 19th 2013



Ep 63: Fighter pilot's thumbs

posts 268


And they do so well with the diversity in their male heros. rofl



Mar 19th 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Lucien that pic is great it really made me chuckle especially the Mario pic rofl 

Mar 19th 2013



MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 286


Generally in games that give you a choice of male or female lead, I pick female. I use to play a lot of resident evil and just liked jill over chris because she could pick locks and get more ammo. That and female characters are much better to look at, well nowadays anyway.

But on the topic, publishers like Ubisoft have said they are holding back new IP because they want to introduce it in the next gen. So I'd say there is a lot of that going on right now.

Kickstarter is great for this sort of thing though!

   2449 – 4660 – 2730 3DS

Mar 20th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


Has tomb raider moved things forward do you think? I feel it could rejuvinate the female lead, the new Lara's not as ridiculously endowed and is a far more believable charachter, flaws, weaknesses and all…  Theres also the female cast in the Uncharted games who play a key role and are also not some hyper sexualised distortion of femininity.

Mar 20th 2013



Ep 87: Heavy Wayne

posts 61


ps how do people get those funny bar / animated things re games played etc beneath their posts, i have no idea, please enlighten me.

Mar 21st 2013

Adamski UK


Community Manager

posts 1965


You need to edit your forum signature to insert one of those little widgets. Really easy to do.
Head to this site, http://gamercards.exophase.com/ and enter your tag/psn id.
You'll then get a code appear which you can add to your signature.
I think there is a detailed guide on this somewhere…let me take a look…Ah yes, here…the guide uses "mygamercard" as an example (unfortunately, that site closed down).
Have a go and let us know, via PM, if you have any problems.

Regarding Heroines…

I'll roll with a lady given the choice. And as I ponder what to write in this post, my mind starts to wonder if that choice is connected in some way to a psychological part of my being.
Something to do with my mother perhaps or the role females played in my growing up?
I'll never put my characters in danger just for the hell of it (unlike someone like Jason in FarCry3 who I'm always throwing off radio towers!).

Do I feel some sort of need to control a female in real life that manifests itself in the gaming world?

Mmm…I might have to look into some research..see if there is a corellation.

I love women btw.

PSN ID: Adamski__UK  (That's a double underscore)

We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing.
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Mar 21st 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Yea Metalshed i hope the fact the new god of war didn't knock tomb raider off the top of the chart starts to dispel this, and that it was the second highest selling god of war. 

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