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PS4 doubts


Sep 16th 2013


Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 20


Hi Everyone,

I'm starting to have doubts about my PS4 pre order. I'm not excited by the launch line up and anything I want is available on the ps3. I've got a huge pile of shame built up and could easily play for a year without getting through it. Sometimes I feel it would go to a better home and give some kid an exciting Christmas rather fuel than my sleep depriving games routine.

It's hard to get away from the fact that its a shiny new console and who doesn't want that (Wii U owner here!) but I have nagging doubts. I do like the fact that we'll get 2 weeks of user reviews from the US and that may push me either way

Would love to hear you thoughts and if anyone has had a chance to get hands on with the next gen if they feel its worth the early adoption




Sep 16th 2013


Ep 89: T********g

posts 50


Yeah, I kinda feel the same way.

I am excited about it, but I think that's just my magpie nature reacting to the fact that it's shiny and new.

With GTA V coming out tomorrow and GT6 coming out the week after PS4 launch, I could quite easily stick to the PS3 for a good few months before I'd need one.

I think I'll get hands-on with PS4 and Watch Dogs at Eurogamer and see how I feel after that.

Sep 16th 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 213


The last console I bought as a day one release was the original Playstation all those years ago. All the others I have had since I have bought because of specific games or bundles coming out usually a few years later.

When I got my Xbox 360 there was a good 2 years worth of games to catch up on and it was great to pick and choose from the very best.

I know I will be spending a great deal of time on GTA V for a long while after such a gaming drought but other than that I think watchdogs will be my first next gen purchase and then battlefield 4 and eventually destiny. But my Xbox will get used for a long while yet…..

Sep 16th 2013


If there's a bright centre to the universe, I'm in the City it's furthest from, (or Coventry for short)

Ep 81: How to look good naked

posts 89


Post edited 22:22 – Sep 16th 2013 by darthsteve333

Same as ilander – my last day one purchase was the original Playstation.


As good as it is to get a lovely shiny piece of kit when it's brand spanking new, it loses its allure when you're waiting for 2nd wave releases (cause you've played all the good release titles to death) and watching the hardware price gradually come down.


As much as I would like to break this trend and treat myself to a PS4 on day 1 for my 41st birthday (yup – a console release on my birthday), I can't see myself justifying the purchase (especially with my wife's 40th coming up a mere 12 days after that).


I'll just play through my pile of shame for as long as I can until the price comes down a bit.*


*Disclaimer – This may all change if PS4 (or the new Xbox) wows me at Eurogamer.

Raptr Gamercard

Sep 17th 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 213


One thing I forgot to mention was that I traded in my entire megadrive collection and saved and saved from my Saturday supermarket job to buy an original Playstation (remember we are talking about £300 in 1995) so when I finally got it all I had to play for about 6 weeks was the demo disc as I could not afford any games….


Still have it somewhere, Battle Arena Toshinden, Destruction Derby, that weird music visuals thing…. the T Rex..

Sep 17th 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 213


I have managed not to torment myself over next gen, until next year at least. I to have my pile of shame to get through and so I have decided to wait until next Christmas to go next gen. Although my urge to get next gen will increase after next gen is actually released. I hope I can hold off.

Sep 17th 2013


Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 20


Thanks everyone. I'm glad to see there's still people with willpower who can hold off the urge to buy on day one, it's going to be hard hearing Daren go on about it on the podcast but maybe its the right thing to do.

I bought my ps3 long after release and it was good being able to pick and choose the best titles at bargain prices.

ilander you've reminded me to ask my friend if he's still got my Megadrive, 32x and Mega-cd I gave him back in the 90's. Hopefully they're gathering dust in his loft and not long gone on eBay

Sep 18th 2013


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1106


I'm still waiting to see what the online 'playing with friends' functionality is like.


I've seen it mentioned nowhere, and if it isn't up to at least Xbox Live then I shan't be entertaining the possibility of getting a PS4.


Saying that, it would only have to be one great platform exclusive to make me change my mind.


Last Guardian? confused

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

Sep 21st 2013



Ep 36: Side Boob

posts 734


There have been rumblings that GTA V will be out for both PC and PS4 before the end of the year. The main reason for no announcement is to not diminish this gen's sales.

That'll be a fine launch window title, nothing else is really blowing my skirt up.

Sep 21st 2013


Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


I am not buying into the nextgen this year, due to having a kick ass PC, and there being not many decent games. However, when I do dip in, it will be the PS4, as they just seem to have their shit together. Also, I am loving all of the Vita remote play stuff. 

Sep 23rd 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 213


papablingo said:

I am not buying into the nextgen this year, due to having a kick ass PC, and there being not many decent games. However, when I do dip in, it will be the PS4, as they just seem to have their shit together. Also, I am loving all of the Vita remote play stuff. 

Yes Vita TV looks pretty cool, but remote play on ps 4 I'm 100% convinced by it. Having it on PS3 it's not great, there is a lot of lag when playing GOW.

Sep 23rd 2013


King's Lynn, Norfolk

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 287


Post edited 19:08 – Sep 23rd 2013 by beefkr10z


**pops knuckles, does the neck cracking thing that Bruce Lee does in Enter The Dragon, takes deep breath…**


To be honest, Sony haven't been this sneaky & tactical since the Dreamcast. I still remember working in games retail in that period, and it just frustrated me when I saw people coming into the store and standing for hours at a time on the Dreamcast pod (and having a blast on Crazy Taxi!), only for the customers to walk away saying "that was great, but I'll wait for the PS2- that's got the Emotion Engine on it, and that Bouncer game looks awesome!". Of course, once the PS2 was released, it had a pish launch line up, the emotion engine was just a silly name, and in terms of innovation and performance the DC was easily comparable to the PS2. It was Sony's tactically aimed marketing that put a massive nail into their competitors coffin (yes, I concede that there were other factors involved, but give me a few minutes to get to my point).

Fast forward to this year, and both Microsoft & Sony are widely reported to have new consoles in the works. Somebody has to go first, and Sony stepped in with the PS4 announcement, that, let's be honest, took a couple of hours to say it'll be called PS4 and have games on it. Microsoft then stepped up to the plate in May, and showed very much the same as Sony, plus also showed the box, and then went out of their way to completely avoid giving any firm replies to the questions people wanted answers to (read, even Microsoft didn't know themselves).

 Come E3, and Microsoft went first. Again they played dodge the hard questions, but at least they gave firm details of price, DRM, games, etc, and apart from a few grumbles, people were pretty receptive- but at this point, you can bet your arse that Sony were out the back hurriedly preparing slides to undercut prices, beat specifications, and making a funny video on how to share games. You can also bet your arse that if Sony had put their balls on the table first, then Microsoft would have done the exact same thing as Sony.

 This, predictably, started a shit-storm of negativity towards Microsoft, and caused them to start doing a complete turnaround of the points that made people most unhappy, but by then the damage was done.

Sony had won. Microsoft were out of the game.

  I know that I sound like a Microsoft fanboy here, but there has been so much one-sided opinion out there regarding the two consoles, that we need perspective. When I talk about Sony and their hardware, don't think that high failure rates and cock-ups are exclusive to Microsoft and Xbox 360. A few highlights are:

1. I was blown away by PS1, but still remember that after 6 months I had to turn my £400 console upside-down whenever I wanted to play a game.

2. I was impressed with PS2, and those proprietary blue discs looked awesome- until my console stopped reading them after a year. PLus the whole Dreamcast point above was a sneaky, underhand thing to do. Machines should sell on the strength of the games, not the advertising budget.

3. My PS3 slim is now almost exclusively used for Netflix and playing hooky movies through USB (I'll get round to The Last of Us shortly, I'm sure!), and it has an immensely broken internet service and update function (oh, and cheers for giving away my bank details, guys, it wasn't a ballache at all to have to sort out the unauthorised £400 purchase on my Amazon account, and then have to change all my bank details two days before my holiday!).

The point about the PSN service is a salient one to end on, since I understand that the free games given away on PSN is a great idea, but I also understand that for your £35-£40 per month your download and update function has absolutely no improvement on the free service. I also understand that if you stop the subscription, you will lose the free games, but Sony still have your money (and, yes, I am also aware that I don't have anything to show for my Xbox live subscription, either). That, and the fact that six years after release, Sony are still releasing updates that will brick your console.

 Now, to start to sum up my ramblings, I know both systems will be awesome and I can't wait to play them both at Eurogamer, but just keep in mind that both Microsoft & Sony are big corporations that don't care about you, they care about getting your money. Also remember that Microsoft and Sony haven't been shy in telling lies and glossing over the truth to get your money.

I'll get off my high horse, now.wink

Sep 23rd 2013


Emeryville, CA USA

Community Manager

posts 1405


guernica2 said:

I'm still waiting to see what the online 'playing with friends' functionality is like.


I've seen it mentioned nowhere, and if it isn't up to at least Xbox Live then I shan't be entertaining the possibility of getting a PS4.


Based on my research, the PS4 will not only have cross game chat, but cross platform chat with the Vita.

I've also read that you do not need to buy a PS+ subscription, to use it.

The Vita has an 8 person limit on Party chat, so one can assume there won't be much ground breaking on the party size.

They've also demonstrated that you can now hang out with your friend while he's playing a solo adventure and not only watch him play, but you guys can take turns playing the game. They promote the feature as being able to help them through a tricky bit, but I envision that this will bring back the days when friends used to take turns playing a solo adventure game on the couch together.

Unless they do something really stupid and try to limit the amount of time you can play another person's game, I think this is going to be a killer app that people won't see the full potential of, until they start using it.


Sep 29th 2013


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


I'm thinking exactly the same as Matt. My steam collection is huge and still lots to play on PS3 and Xbox 360.

No games on either system makes me desperate to go balls deep. Though I will wait for all the eurogamer feedback before committing to cancelling pre order.

Now if Nintendo actually had a new Zelda I might have got a wii u. Or perhaps asked Darren for his unboxed one!

Exciting times in gaming but I think I'll wait 6 months for more games and better bundles


Oct 1st 2013


Sidcup, Kent

Ep 73: Bukkake Gland

posts 158


I feel the need to defend for Sony a bit here but I would like to start by saying i play mainly on my 360 and haven't used my PS3 for over a year after it suffered a YLOD failure (I fixed it and played Last of Us then it broke again) so I am on the MS side when it comes to console usage and would have stayed depending on their reveal presentation.


Firstly the anger aimed at MS after there presentation wasn't a result of Sony coming out and blasting them in their presentation it was solely down to a poorly delivered, cloudy message about the XBox One by Microsoft.  People were up in arms immediately after they finished talking. The internet exploded and Microsoft were standing on the edge of a cliff and all Sony's presentation did was prod them, Worm's style, off the edge. I highly doubt they changed their presentation based on Microsofts.


As for Playstation + the price is £40 for the YEAR not each month.  One month of free games on PS+ pays for the service itself and everything else is gravy.  What they are doing now is ensuring they get more PS+ subscribers on PS4 so they can deliver a highly improved online service to members.  If you ask anybody they wil say MS have been providing the better online experience for years and Sony have finally pulled their fingers out to compete.  It may seem forced if you want to play multiplayer but they have also announced that the F2P games provided on the system will not require a PS+ subscription to play MP so no charge there.


It was E3 that made my mind up about pre-order and I feel better about it after Eurogamer.  The PS4 controller felt better to me as it is larger than before and the only XBox game that tickled my fancy was Titanfall and I can get that on my 360.  The only reason you perceive there has only been one-sided opinions in this console war is generally because Sony are bitch-slapping Microsoft at the moment so all reports will obviously favour one over the other.


At Eurogamer Microsoft had the better presentation with their dev session on day one and the stage set up for the entire 4 days running competitions, giveaways etc.  There was no doubt Microsoft were there.  However, if you turned your head to the right Sony were quietly letting people play their games.  Nothing special, just a chance for some hands on.  Which was better?  Its all down to personal taste I suppose.  


What we have to be thankful for is they are both being released at the same time which has produced healthy competition and despite cinical views that they are big companies who just want our money they have to provide the best value service for their customers to survive and in the end the end user wins.

Oct 2nd 2013


King's Lynn, Norfolk

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 287


Post edited 09:12 – Oct 2nd 2013 by beefkr10z

I agree with you on most points, and my essay above was really just me letting off some steam, and having a Victor Meldrew moment! I still, however stand by my point that most of Sony's E3 presentation was reactionary to Microsoft's reception (We'd be fools to think otherwise)- Case in point, when Microsoft gave the price of XBO including Kinect, there was silence, so what did Sony do? Knock off $100, take out the camera, and the crowd go nuts. I obviously made a mistake in my earlier post regarding PS+ prices, but no matter how much they charge per year/month I stand my my doubts that Sony can overhaul a complete, broken online service in a matter of weeks (hey, kids, have you been on GTAV online with your PS3 yet? Certainly not without problems!). Also, will Sony carry on with the free games on PS4? If the service isn't up to scratch AND you're not getting your freebies, there'll be a lot of unhappy campers out there!

The last thing to bear in mind is the general public. After going to Eurogamer, it has been a harsh reminder that the majority of gamers out there are not slavishly following every tweet regarding each console, and there are an absolute slew of people that will simply ask "Do I know the brand name? Can I play COD on it? Can I play Fifa on it? Sold". In that respect, it matters even less about any perceived differences between the two (let's face it, almost identical) consoles.

 Once again, I just felt that a bit of perspective was needed, since I am sick of reading articles and hearing conversations about how the console war has already been won- In essence, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, both are going to be great.laugh

Oct 2nd 2013


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


I do agree that both consoles should be amazing, I just think that Day 1 purchase is not essential to me at the moment. No launch games on either console makes me think "I Gotta Play That Now"


Personally I still prefer the PS4, but that is less about the console and more that I preferred the exclusives on PS3. Pretty much any Ratchet and Clank game, Uncharted and now the Last of Us. Not ever got in Halo etc. I do have an Xbox 360 and mostly use the PS3 though do by games if they are better on it or cheaper thumbs-up 


However, as both are now basically PC's, it may be that I spend my money on a new Graphics Card for my machine. It is already plugged into the 50" plasma and Bioshock infinite looks amazing on it. 


Decisions, decisions, decisions, which is why I think I will cancel the pre-order and then jump in Summer 2014 when there is a better idea of what games I want to play and what system they are one. 


Anyway.. Off to order the new Ratchet and Clank game awesome

Oct 2nd 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


Post edited 11:51 – Oct 2nd 2013 by Bob Lord of Doom

On the PS4 online front the point i would make is one of the big reasons sony bought gaikai is not just for the streaming. It is for the online gamming infrastructure gaikai had created like in game chat etc. I'm also sure they will not plug PS3's into this. So I think it is a bit disingenuous to point at the PS3 online and say it will be the same as the PS4 when it does have a different infrastructure. But we also can't be sure untill it has been released and is being used 

Oct 16th 2013


Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 55


Well I've decided…. the pre-order is cancelled! cry 


I will definitely be getting one, but next summer is good enough for me. Gives enough time for some amazing games to come out, and who knows…. PS+ may have some of them by then as well. 


So roll on Summer 2014, though I do still have a massive….. Steam collection to work through before then rofl

Oct 17th 2013


Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


My finger is hovering over the cancel button.Just thought I would pop over to see what MLG'ers are saying and you haven't let me down.Good points made.I'm going to stick with my Wii u and GTA 5 till something really gets me going.See you next year PS4.

Oct 17th 2013


Ep 90: Pant Mustache

posts 48


I'm starting to waver on my pre order as well now. £385 (KZ bundle) is a lot of money for me and I don't have that much spare. Also with Xmas coming up I'd be stuck with whatever they release on PS+ and KZ to see me through until about March next year when it's likely I'll be out of work anyway.

Twitter: @Smidgey87

Steam: y2rich

PSN: y2rich

Oct 17th 2013



Ep 59: Do the Bartman

posts 324


Having worked in games retail as a student, I *always* bought consoles on the day of release but I just cannot see myself doing it for either the PS4 or Xbox One. I think holding off to see the quality of the exclusives is a good shout but I can see myself holding out to this time next year….

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.




Oct 18th 2013


Ep 68: Han Solo Shot First

posts 213


Games247 said:

Having worked in games retail as a student, I *always* bought consoles on the day of release but I just cannot see myself doing it for either the PS4 or Xbox One. I think holding off to see the quality of the exclusives is a good shout but I can see myself holding out to this time next year….

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Yes my plan is to do my YOS Sep 2013 – Sep 2014, then go balls deep into Net Gen.

Oct 19th 2013



Ep 80: Fap Off

posts 93


I decided that I would wait a year for my Xbox One, till I realised I was never realistically gonna play all the games on my shelf. Through some clever trading and price matching I have enough credit to cover my Xbone a few games AND have a PS4 virtually paid up.

I figured without having to actually pay up any cash I might as well get both. xbox one is my console of choice as I think Soft have a stronger vision for the future than Sony and frankly I want to play Killer Instinct, Forza and Dead Rising. With the Sony exclusives at launch doing nothing for me, I will be using PS4 for the free to play titles and PS+ freebies.

I'm backing both horses just in case PS4 really is as good as devs seem to suggest. Of course, if its rubbish I'll flog the bastard.


Nov 13th 2013


Ep 90: Pant Mustache

posts 48


So I ended up cancelling my pre order as I didn't expect to have the money in time.


I now have the money. If anyone on here still has their pre-order in place but no longer wants it please get in touch and we'll see about working out some sort of deal if you're up for it. 

Twitter: @Smidgey87

Steam: y2rich

PSN: y2rich

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