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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo impressions


Feb 28th 2013



Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 20


Hey all. Monster Hunter has always had a pretty strong following on MLG. Just wondering what people are thinking of the demo?

I have been loving it on 3DS. Can bet the rabbit pretty easily but still struggling with plesioth. Playing SnS and LS mostly. Wish the CPP worked with the demo as I think it would make the swimming much easier.


Anyway, what are people's impressions? If you played Tri are you jumping in again?

Mar 1st 2013



Ep 54: To Me, To You!

posts 399


I bought a WiiU for this game alone.

I did enjoy the demo.  I hate the underwater parts, but I did in Tri as well. smile

Mar 1st 2013


Caldicot, S Wales

Ep 42: Pinball Wizard

posts 608


Speaking as a MH 'noob', I have really appreciated the helpful comments from community members on Twitter. They quite literally talked me through my first kill ('rabid furby' finally beaten with SnS).

Have still got a whole lot of learning to do with this game but looking forward to the challenge.  Wonder if anyone will let me tag along just to take notes? wink

Mar 3rd 2013


Ep 64: Hippo's Yawn

posts 247


So tempted to pick up a WiiU just for this game.  God help me.

PSN ID: Vimesy74

Steam: CmdrVimes

Battlenet: Vimesy74#2797


Current games of choice:  Battlefield 4 & Hearthstone.

Mar 3rd 2013

Ancient Gamer

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 303


After hearing about Discobeaver, Huntervp, Jmonster and Painkunkie's adventures in MH Tri.  I've always wanted to play a MH game but never took the Wii seriously as a games machine plus the visuals are poor.


So I jumped at the chance to buy a Wii U just to play MH3U after winning some money.  But like Mage I am total newbie so I look forward to learning the ropes.

Mar 4th 2013


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1125


MaGe1974 said:

 Wonder if anyone will let me tag along just to take notes? wink

We're all here to help, I'm just not sure that I'll have a WiiU by launch date, but I'll still lend my offerings on Twitter and in these forums if it'll help anybody. 


I will certainly get it on 3DS though to start my adventure until I get a WiiU, then I should be able to jump my character across to the WiiU version and carry on playing with everyone else.


I did like the 3DS demo, even though they're using all the same areas that were in Tri.  It kills me that you don't get to 'carve' any body parts when you kill the monster.  Just get a 'mission complete' screen.  I need the full game…NOW! wink

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

Mar 18th 2013


Ep 78: Banjo String

posts 102


I've got this coming on 3ds and am also tempted to get a wii-u for it too. Does the 3ds version have online play?

I'm not as drunk as thinkle peep I am… I only had tea mortoonies, and I've got all day sober to Sunday up in.

Mar 18th 2013


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1125


Post edited 04:51 – Mar 20th 2013 by guernica2

Hi Sith,


You can't play online with the 3DS version unfortunately. You can play local co-op if you know someone else with a 3DS though.


You can also link up locally to a WiiU and play with them, and they in turn can be playing with people online, so you can play online with your 3DS, you just need to know someone with a WiiU.


All very complicated, but it'll make sense in the end.


I'll at least be getting it on 3DS so I can start my adventure.


I don't have a WiiU yet, but may be pulling something out of the bag for Friday.


Who knows, you're only 40 once, and I bet that this is the only time that a Monster Hunter game will be released on my birthday.  It'd be rude not to…

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

Mar 21st 2013



Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 20


Need some MH advice.
Played SnS in MH Tri as I liked the speed. Never got that far into that one because the Wii wasn't readily available in our house. Getting this on 3DS. Never blocked with the SnS as I preferred to roll and dodge. Should I switch to dual swords for this one?

Mar 21st 2013


Royal Berkshire

Ep 25: Hotdog Surprise

posts 1125


Hi Matt,


Yeah, the dual swords are a great option.  That was the first weapon class I really got into on Freedom Unite.  Awesome combos and really fast.  If I'm remembering this correctly, after a certain amount of direct hits you can activate Demon mode, where you can really go to town.


Eventually I moved on to Great Sword, Long Sword (which is similar to the Dual Swords with the secondary mode) and the Hammer.  Even gave the gunning a go, which turns it into a completely different game.


I'm tempted to start MH3U as a gunner, but I'm going to miss those blades….

"Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in."

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