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Fallout 4


Jan 28th 2013

Baron Von Pleb

Sheffield Sex City

Community Manager

posts 1010


With the recent twitter outburst from 'Shoot me in the face now' Three Dog and Bethesda poking around with a film/tv concept rights… What do you guys think next for the series?

Are you, like me, an expecting a next gen fallout to come out? And if so, what are you wanting from the next awesome post-apocalpica game?

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Twitch: baron_von_pleb

Twitter: BaronVonPleb


Gimme a shout if you need a hand with owt. 

Jan 28th 2013

Derek "Digi" McRoberts

Ayrshire, Scotland

MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 330


Post edited 20:35 – Jan 28th 2013 by Derek "Digi" McRoberts

Myself, I've a sneaking suspicion we wont see it until 2014 at the earliest, so it will either be a late current gen title, or a next gen (preferably). 


I can guarantee one thing, if its a launch title with any console, I will be paying good money to make sure I can enjoy my wasteland joys.


I would like them to do a bit more with your choices. Siding with one group will automatically put you at odds with others, and give you a proper Fame/Infamy situation, where people of the wasteland recognise you and react based on who you are allied with.

Jan 29th 2013

Bob Lord of Doom

Fife, Scotland

Ep 44: PSP Go is erm…. go

posts 573


I think if it is a current gen game then this generation will be going out with a big bang since there is the last of us, GTA 5 possibly watch dogs (which looks like it could be a next gen game)


If it is a next gen game then it will be a very good reason to upgrade


I would like to see it have references to the previous game and some of the reoccurring characters. It would be good if you could import your save from the previous game if it's this generation to shape the world to how you left it. 


Like Derek say's i like the idea of aligning yourself with a faction and for there to pluses and minuses for doing so and i would like to see more on the new government and their agenda

Jan 29th 2013


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 30


I would love a new one but I am yet to finish new Vegas!! Plus the fact I'm still working through some of the games from 2011/12 I'm not in a huge hurry for a new console.

Its inevitable I'll upgrade but like Bob said, the last current gen games are going to be super fantastic so am happy to wait until I've caught up to this year at least!


Feb 17th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


I'm so excited by Fallout 4 it hurts. Fallout 3 is my game of this generation and I'm hopeful Fallout 4 will be as good. The setting is the most important thing to me. The capital wasteland is such an amazing place to wander round, and as long as Bethesda get that right again they'll be on the money. I'd like to see a less binary moral decision system. The karma system never really seemed to match the world for me, with well written quests like Tenpenny Tower being muddied by a karma system at odds with their writing. That said, it didn't stop me loving the game so maybe I should trust in Bethesda to produce another brilliant game.


Feb 17th 2013



Ep 46: Steak drapes

posts 535


Have to say, don't think Fallout 4 is something I will be paying much attention to.

Played Fallout 3 and although I thought I enjoyed it, I never got close to completing it frown

Also had a brief dabble with New Vegas and couldn't seem to get into it.

Maybe one day soon I will pick up Fallout 3 again and give it the time it deserves and enjoy it (it worked for Halo)

Feb 17th 2013

Unstoppable Beef

Ep 95: Red for Dead

posts 22


My initial experience of fallout 3 was very similar. I got it for Christmas and played a few hours, but found it boring and frustrating walking across the wasteland only to be killed by some horrific overpowered enemy. Went back to it a few months later though and it finally clicked. It's definitely not the kind of game that instantly stands out I'd say. I'd encourage everyone to give it another go.


Feb 17th 2013



MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 324


I had a similar experience too, got Fallout 3 for Christmas back in 2009, played on Christmas day for a few hours, a few more on Boxing Day, left the vault, got my arse handed to be by some bugs….and decided it wasn't for me (well, not at the time).

Went back to it last year and completed it and all the DLC….I now loooooooove the Fallout universe, and really hope Fallout 4 is a next gen thing, as there's so much they can do with that world….lets just hope they fix the load times.


Feb 18th 2013


United Kingdom

Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 5


I love the Bethesta Fallout games and I am rabid for Fallout 4.

Fallout 3 was so good that I just want more of the same but bigger. A bigger map, a more random and dynamic experience etc.

Having said that, it would be nice if you could build up some kind of base and ;eave a lasting impression on the gameworld.

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