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Elite: KickStarter


Nov 8th 2012


Ep 94: Spray on pants

posts 27


Hey guys,

Long time no speak.  Playstation is currently suffering the yellow light of death and I'm suffering crappy work making me miserable syndrome.


Anyhoo, I thought this bit of news was worth sharing, as no doubt every one of us was touched in some way (not in a BBC Radio DJ type way) by this game.


I checked around an no-one else seems to have mentioned it yet.  Of course I may have blatantly missed it, so forgive me and feel free to merge threads or berate my for my inattentive attitude.

So big, mega, gaming news…



Nice Apples! awesome

Nov 8th 2012



Ep 88: Welease Woger

posts 56


Thanks for sharing.

awesomeThis is good news indeed!awesome

Not terribly sure about the name though?

Nov 9th 2012

Mesozoic Prinny

Face it, reality is still in beta.

Ep 19: Built in Fleshlight

posts 1360


Post edited 17:44 – Nov 9th 2012 by Mesozoic Prinny

Agreed, the name is a bit pants, but I assume it's a reference to the pilot rankings

To be quite honest, if they'd called it 'Elite: Turd on a Stick' I'd still buy it. Hopefully I'll have enough money to sign up to the beta before the kickstarter's done.

 There goes my pants' elastic…

Dec 3rd 2012


Ep 94: Spray on pants

posts 27


Thought I'd bump this as I recently backed it myself for £20.  They're almost half way through some interesting developer updates on the main page.


However the main reason I posted is to encourage others to have a dabble in backing the project.  Now I've got no affiliation with this project at all other than really wanting to see this game made.  Hell, I don't even own a PC so will have to get one nearer the time.


Just thinking with most of us being midlifers we probably remember the original with great fondness and I'm really excitied about what this could be on modern technology if it gets funded.


Anyhoo, here's an interesting update on where they are…




To be fair, I think their timing for this is a little off.  To push for funding over Christmas time was always going to be a risk.


Apples! smile

Dec 9th 2012


Worksop, Notts

Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 15


Backed it too… hope this gets off the ground.

Miss-spent youth farming fuel from suns, humming blue danube and avoiding thargoid warships. laugh

Dec 19th 2012

Rotten ICE


Ep 76: Bleaching Uranus

posts 125


This looks good, if they increased the £20 slots I'd back it but that's my limit for a kickstart. 

Raptr Forum Signature

Jan 2nd 2013


Ep 94: Spray on pants

posts 27


Another quick bump. 


Loads of updates to see now, as well as new pledge levels and stretch goals for a Mac version.


56 hours to go, looks like they'll make it.  The prospect of this game is just too much.


I bumped to £80 so I can get all the future DRM.  Don't tell the wife!  DRM-wise they are planning on having full realised planets with weather systems, terrain, wildlife.  They also want to allow you to leave you ship and walk around the space-stations or even board someone elses ship and steal it!



Now I need to plan a PC for next year…oh-yeah

Jan 6th 2013


In orbit around Pluto.

Ep 61: Awesome Ruler

posts 299


I brought into this and if anyone is interested in co-oping/guilding when it comes out I'd be up for that… perhaps as a pirate guild *Yarrrr*

May 9th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


Has anyone here spent more money than their other half could imagine on getting access to the imminent Beta version of this? I threw them a few more pounds recently for access to the single player demo in advance of the real initial Beta at the end of this month. The game certainly looks like it will have plenty of depth and is very easy on the eye. They keep on releasing newsletters full of mind-blowing stuff they're putting in the game… the heat management mechanic is interesting and the scale of the galaxy they're simulating is jaw-dropping.

May 27th 2014

Scott Frabisna

Ep 79: Epic Fail

posts 95


Yep, I signed up for the Premium Beta, which should go live 30th May. Looking forward to getting my hands on it!

May 30th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


Downloaded, installed, spent most of an hour configuring controls (not quite how I want them yet), docked, got a bit bewildered at the choice of kit for ships, found some cargo, worked out how to hyperspace elsewhere, super-cruised towards a station orbiting a ringed planet, was just admiring the staggering beauty of said planet when… my router stopped talking to my PC. Gutted. I hope I can fix it and get flying again. This game is going to occupy a LOT of time.

Jun 2nd 2014

Caliburn M

The Shire

Ep 60: The late show

posts 311


Is looking good but can't justify spending  £100 frown Will just have to wait and perhaps play elite on my speccie or frontier on my ST smile


Jun 18th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


I don't think people are supposed to spend £100 just to play the game. It really is barely a game at the moment. The price of the beta, for me at least, was a contribution to make sure the game went ahead and a thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment I took from the original.


At the moment there isn't a lot to do with just the five systems available and there are major things missing. Things like the in-system travel and hyperspace look clunky to me at the moment, but I assume they will be polished up a few times over the coming months. The game is generally beautiful though and it looks like there will be masses of depth in both the career options and the ways you handle your ship and its systems.


Frontier have mentioned a new beta release is due soon with more systems to visit. Hopefully there will be some more features rolled out too. It does feel like they have a feature list as long as Mr Tickle's arms and you have to wonder what is going to get rolled on to a future expansion because it can't be completed in time for the main release.

Jul 11th 2014

Scott Frabisna

Ep 79: Epic Fail

posts 95


I'm loving this, true the playing "area" is intentionally small at the moment, so there has been a bit of griefing, but it's not as bad as some on the Elite forums are making out. a recent patch, lots of bugs fixed, some of the mechanics have smoothed out. the Standard beta is due to start on the 29th July with plenty more features added, including Law enforcement, fuel mechanics and hopefully a much more expanded area to play in and some graphics and gameplay tweaks, including solar flares/ mass ejections from the stars, have a look at the link below.




I know Uncle Fista has been playing and he having a good time as well, by all accounts. I would urge any of you that have an interest in Space trading/exploration, or even if you just like the look of it, to give this a whirl. there is a bit of a learning curve, but the game is not that complicated, some of the threads on the Frontier forums might give you the impression that the game is super complicated and completely unforgiving, not the case in my experience.


This is going to be very special.

Jul 12th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


I think the next beta version is going to feel a hell of a lot more complete and all the graphical or detail tweaks they are showing look like serious improvements over what is an already impressive achievement. I managed to make a few thousand credits in one of the combat zones last night, flying around a burning imperial capital ship – enough to fit better weaponry to the basic ship and maybe earn some faster cash. If I get a couple more hours I might be able to start making some headway towards a Cobra or better.

Even now it isn't really forcing you to play in a particular way. Combat is probably the quickest way to get started, but with a bigger ship and enough working capital I am sure you could trade yourself a fortune without firing a shot.

It still feels terrifyingly ambitious – I wonder if the initial release will get a mild drubbing in the press for its limitations, but another year or two down the line the expansions leave it seen as a major achievement in gaming.

Aug 17th 2014


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 30


Lovin the Beta. I feel like I am a kid sitting in the dining room with my trusty C64 and my black and white portable TV.

This game has certainly lived up to my expectations.


Tuns out that I am a peacefull traider at heart, I worked my way up to a Cobra with beam lasers without a single kill. When I eventually ventured into the more unstable areas and got a couple of kills under my belt I found that i realy wanted to buy and sell some stuff.


The only possible downside to this new incarnation is that space is big, really big! I have not seen more than a couple of other players and have not had any interaction with any of them but maybe that is my play style as I.m not that experienced with group play.


If you are on the fence over spending he £15 extra to get into the Beta I would say that it is worth it. I'm not that into playing an incomplete game but with something sandbox like this I don't think it is such a big problem. Yes it crashes and glitches but not so often as to take you right out of the experience.

Now all i need is for someone to release a wire frame ship mod and I will be set for years to come.

Aug 17th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


Post edited 22:39 – Aug 17th 2014 by Sacked Matt

The latest version does feel like a game now. There is more to do than in the original Elite anyway, if not a huge amount of space to do it in just yet. I have had two people contact me on the chat system while flying to a destination, but by the time you get to the right menu to talk back, you're ready to drop out of supercruise and dock and potentially be in a different instance to them… kind of kills the conversation. I think once other players can interdict you, it will change from interdictions being a mild inconvenience from an NPC to a very risky encounter. I don't think I've fired a shot in the current version… I was flying for a fair few hours with no guns fitted at all to maximise my hyperspace range… that may not be possible in the next big update, whenever that is.

The one thing I love most about the game is docking. It feels so real somehow. A bigger ships seems to make the entrance feel that bit more snug than when you're flying in at 90 degrees in the starter Sidewinder. I'm in a Type 6 now and once I've made some decent money am going to have a good tour of the new systems, hopefully finding a few really profitable trade runs. Perhaps I will even go back to a Viper (flew just one run in that to see what it was like), arm it to the teeth and get some combat experience again.

Come the final game, I think I'll indulge in some distant exploration and see what is out there. I just hope I don't blunder towards the Thargoids' home.

Aug 19th 2014


Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 15


So I dropped the £50 and dipped my toes in last night.


It really took me back to me Elite and Frontier games that I played in my youth; its good that it is still very true to its original form.


But man – I found it hard! I spent a huge amount of time Googling for the keys to do things like reduce and increase thrust, or step in and out of Hyperspace/Super Charge. Did I miss something; were there some instructions somewhere?!


I managed to run the first four scenarios and to do one trade jump in the online open mode. Great fun, but I have a lot to learn and remember! Hopefully at some point some of us can meet in space, maybe hang about outside a lawless station and shoot any one who tries to get in! (or something similar)

Aug 21st 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


I wouldn't say it is actually hard to fly, but I needed to spend around an hour setting up the controls in a way that made sense for me. Then I decided to buy a new joystick with more buttons and spent another thirty minutes getting that how I wanted it. Rather than Googling for keys, I would just use Escape, Options and find the key there or re-map it somewhere better.

There is an "owners manual" on the Frontier forums which is as close as you'll get to instructions for now. It all makes sense reasonably quickly though, especially if you played the originals.

Aug 22nd 2014


Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 15


Thanks for the tips Sacked Matt!

Sep 9th 2014


In orbit around Pluto.

Ep 61: Awesome Ruler

posts 299


Do we know when its actually being released yet? I signed up for game release and am too tight to pay for the beta embarassed

I read that for exploration there will soon be awards/money and features for exploration so if anyone wants to form an explorers guild I'd be up for that thumbs-up

Sep 10th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


They haven't even announced when Beta 2.0 is out yet. I got the impression there won't be a Beta 3.0 and the next version would be the first Gamma release which I believe will be available to £35 backers… maybe six weeks after Beta 2.0 given the recent pace of development. That is pure speculation though… they don't like giving estimates or even telling people when we might get some news other than "soon", or the even less reassuring "when it's ready". It will be good though.

Sep 11th 2014



Ep 69: The stink bridge

posts 192


I really hope they dont plan to release the game as it is now.


All the mechanics seems decent, flight is good and the trade system is great. But there is no content.

Space battle pays very little and takes way to much time compared to the income from trading. There arent anywhere near enough ships to choose from. There are practically only 2 types of space stations in game and since we cant go near planets there really isnt any proper exploring exept from finding new trade routes.

For me the biggest problem is that it feels and plays like a single player game. you cant group up with a mate and go out adventuring. And for a space game that is supposed to be an MMO thats key. The social part is a huge deal in these games. If it wherent for that we could all play X3 instead.


Dont get me wrong, this isnt a rant. I genuinly love the game, it has buckets of potential. Just get some more content in and i can finally pursuit the space pilot career i allways dreamed ofsmile



Sep 14th 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31


There is no way the current version will be what gets released. There are a lot of major enhancements due in the next beta, a lot of content being held back or still being generated and most likely a heap of combat to be injected back in the game when missions get their next iteration. When players can force interdictions from supercruise I think the easy trade runs will become a lot more tense. There are twenty five ships promised for the full game, alternative stations and platforms due in beta 2 and stuff like planetary landings will be a separate expansion maybe a year down the line – David Braben has made the point repeatedly that they will come in once there is a gameplay reason to do so; not just because you can, otherwise it won't add anything useful.

What is disheartening on the Frontier forums is that a lot of people just want to play solo and are dismissive of the idea of playing in the same space as others. Playing online was the dream for me as a kid in the original Elite; there was no online back then, but even then we knew what we wanted to do even if it wasn't invented yet. There are groups being formed, for example a group planning to explore their way to the galactic core, but from what I read the network code probably isn't quite up to playing together reliably yet. Hopefully that will improve in the next version, though I think some are beginning to worry that that aspect code spell a delay for the full release… not that Frontier would drop any hints either way.

Sep 16th 2014


Ep 98: Wave 'em up

posts 6


Loving this game at the minute, still only about 5 hours in though. Trying not to hammer it and get burnt out. Bought a Hotas (Thrustmaster T-Flight X) for it and coupled with voice attack it is a great experience. Looking forward to what they show at EGX. cool

Sep 20th 2014


Ep 99: Wizards Sleeve

posts 2


have very fond memories of the original elite, and frontier that followed. really looking forward to this but not part of the beta. friends that are say that it nails the original but will wait to release

Sep 21st 2014

Sacked Matt


Ep 93: Electric Boogaloo

posts 31




They have just released details of the next beta, coming at the end of this month. It is adding more content and a bit more polish here and there. The game's producer did comment the other day that they're still planning on a 2014 release. It certainly looks like they are working damned hard on this game and the progress between major releases now is staggering. They haven't referred to a beta 3.0 yet, so perhaps there will be the gamma release by the middle of November? 


I downloaded the BBC version of the game which I had such fond memories of. Apart from the emulation being buggy so it crashes when you dock, go to hyperspace or do just about anything, it is shocking to see how far we've come in 30 years. Or maybe it's just shocking to have a memory that extends for 30 years and beyond…

Oct 9th 2014


MLGX Completionist
MLGX Completionist

posts 200


Really tempted to Go Balls Deep on this after playing at EGX, even started watching YouTube videos and twitch streams of game play (which is always a bad sign). Oh and this http://www.saitek.com/uk/prod/x52pro.html 

Battle Net : SirSamVimes#2198

Elite Dangerous : Cmdr SAMUELVIMES

Oct 10th 2014



Ep 96: Biddy Fiddler

posts 17


I watched some playthroughs of the Beta on Youtube and it has potential to be utterly incredible. I've been waiting for a proper space-sim for a long time now. Although Elite is still in 'early' stages they have mentioned they have a lot planned for it. I've heard they want to have planet landings which is a huge one for me. I'm eagerly awaiting what they come up with. 

Oct 15th 2014

Scott Frabisna

Ep 79: Epic Fail

posts 95


Yep, plantery landings are on the cards. but it will be part of an expansion DLC. unless you have already signed up or and Aplha backer(kickstarter) I'm playing Beta 2.06 and the game is shaping up very, very niceley.


Any of you guys playin please feel free to freind me in game :  Frabisna


Would be sweet to get a bit of MLG in the cosmos awesome

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