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How To…?


Mar 1st 2010



Forum Tech Lord

posts 1660


Post edited 14:14 – May 6th 2010 by Phizzy


How to embed an image

Using Spoiler Tags

How to embed a YouTube video

Embedding via URL
Embedding via YouTube embed code

How to get a PSN/XBL Gamercard Signature

Making a Playstation Network Portable ID
Making an Xbox 360 Gamercard
Using Your Selected Card on the Site

How to post and reply via iPod


How to embed an image


Linking to an image is as straightforward as it gets.


Click the little tree in the task bar.

Insert your image URL into the dialog box and use the dimensions fields to scale it. If its particularly large and you leave these fields blank it will auto scale to a thumbnail which can be expanded after it's published.


Due to server space restrictions and bandwidth limitations the board does not allow users to upload their own images via the browse button at the end of the Image URL field. So if you're getting this message window, upload your image to Photobucket, Imageshack of similar and link away to your hearts content.

Using Spoiler Tags


So you've written some text and realised it might ruin a game or film for someone who hasn't seen it yet? You need to spoiler that stuff up, buddy bro!


Oops! Let's keep those details secret, shall we? Select the text that people might not want to see and click the little 'spoiler' button. It looks like a little yellow smiley wearing sunglasses, as seen in this picture.


Your post will now include a click-to-reveal spoiler tag!

How to embed a YouTube video


So, you've found a video of a Korean guy in a dress, but how do you share it with your fellow MLGers?


Embedding via URL


First, click the Insert emedded media button, this is in the middle of the options found above.


A popup box will now open, for Youtube videos leave the Type as Flash.

For the File/URL you need to insert the contents of the URL box on the right of the Youtube video, NOT the embed code used in the previous forums. (picutre below)

The Dimensions should import from the Youtube video. If not the default Youtube dimensions are 425 x 344.

And that should be it. Insert the video and be sure to preview your post. Awesome


<—–This is the URL.


Embedding via YouTube embed code

[Image Can Not Be Found]First, select the embed code on a YouTube video and copy it.


[Image Can Not Be Found]Then, on your post, click the HTML button…


[Image Can Not Be Found]

Finally, paste in the embed code you copied from YouTube, and click update.


Your post will now have ze embedded video.

How to get a PSN/XBL Gamercard Signature

Making a PlayStation Network Portable ID

First thing you'll need to do is go to https://secure.eu.playstation.com/psn/mypsn/. You should see a screen like this:

Enter the email address and password that are associated with your PSN ID and click sign in. You should now be brought to a page that looks like this:

Click on the 'My Portable ID' button. It should ask you for a series of preferences to define your trophy card, make sure you tick 'display trophy information'. The other settings aren't important, but can give your card a somewhat personal feel.

When you're done with all that, click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page to finalise your card. These settings can always be edited later if you come back to this page. Now, the page should've refreshed, so to grab the link you need, refer to the 'Grab your codes' section at the top…

What you need to copy is the part of the BB code that's between the IMG and /IMG tags, so in this case, you would end up with this link:


Refer to the final section to see where to put this on the site to make your signature!

Making an Xbox 360 Gamercard

Okay, this one's a lot simpler. Go to http://www.mygamercard.net/. You will see this stuff:

Enter your 360 GamerTag, select a theme (I suggest NXE if you want to show your avatar), click the 'Generate GamerCard Code' button, and select 'Forums (Image)'. You should see this:

Copy the contents of the 'URL:' field. Go to the next section to find out how to set this image as your signature…

Using Your Selected Card on the Site

Now you're at this point, you should have a link that looks like one of these:

Bare in mind that you can only have one of these cards in your signature with the current site setup.

While browsing the forums, click the 'View Forum Profile' button at the top-right of the site.

This will bring you to your profile settings.

Click the 'Setup Your Signature' button and paste the URL of your Portable ID or Gamercard into the second box which is labelled 'Signature Image Location (url)'. Then click the 'Update Profile' button and you're all done.

You should now have a beautiful magical signature thingy. Good job homeslice!

How to post and reply via iPod


Hey MLGer's with iPods. Need a little help figuring out why on earth you can't enter text when replying to a thread?


Ok, you need to enter your text via the HTML Editor toolbar button.

Where be this button?

When you hit 'Reply' or Post New Topic, a text entry box will appear with a tool bar at the top…look for a button with 'HTML' on it.

Tap that button and you will get a secondary text box appear.

This is where you type your response.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to format your text like this. If you would like to enter a new line, type <br>.

When finished, hit the 'Update' button (bottom left of the HTML box) and you should see your text in the reply box.

Then hit the 'Post New Topic' button below you reply to fire it off.


A bit of a work around for now…would like to get some feedback from other mobile devices please.


(It is possible to enter the topic of a NEW THREAD without the HTML tool, but the main body of a new thread needs to be done via HTML entry method)


Thanks to Hugo Rune for the image embed how-to.
Thanks to Antman for help with the Youtube embed how-to.
Thanks to Adamski for the iPhone & iPod Touch advice.

I see you, looking at my signature. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Mar 1st 2010



Forum Tech Lord

posts 1660


Confused on any aspect of using the forum? Think that new users may need help with something? Tell me about it and I'll add a guide to this post.

I see you, looking at my signature. Get your mind out of the gutter.

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