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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2012

The votes have been counted and recounted, an independent adjudicator has now confirmed that there has been no X Factor style shenanigans and the results are in. Over the last 14 days the MLG community have been voting for their favourite games of 2012 in order to determine the Midlife Gamer Game of the Year 2012. After two weeks, exactly 100 votes were cast and 49 games in total were voted for.




10th Place – Journey

The hype was unreal. Thatgamecompany were to release their new game, the followup to the critically acclaimed ‘Flower’. Journey is a game where your only objective seems to keep going forward. Continue Reading

9th Place – Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs came very close to never being released. Originally conceived as a reboot for the True Crime franchise, the game was canned during development by Activision when they didn’t think it’d be good enough for release. Continue Reading

8th Place – Minecraft (Xbox Edition)

Minecraft made its way to the Xbox 360 back in May of this year. I am happy to admit that at the time I had never played it before. I was completely aware of what it was and how it was taking the PC community by storm but the thing was I just didn’t get was; what hooked them? Continue Reading

7th Place – Halo 4

Ever since the 2011 E3 reveals of the continuation of Master Chief’s adventures, questions were asked about the ability of developer 343 studios to maintain the lofty standards of series creator Bungie. Continue Reading

6th Place – Far Cry 3

It comes as no surprise that this game makes it into the top ten of our game of the year chart, although I personally believe that if this title had been released a few weeks earlier it may have managed to reach the top three. Continue Reading

5th Place – FTL

In a year dominated by Kickstarter, the rise of indie development and the consequences both positive and negative of said trend, smaller, more retro-styled games have flourished. Continue Reading

4th Place – XCOM: Enemy Unknown

There has been a sad precedent in the last few years, with retro titles being brought to the latest consoles in grotesque FPS parodies of their former selves. For many, seeing that this fate was also ascribed to a classic, hard as nails strategy like X-Com : Enemy Unknown, was a move too far. Continue Reading

Midlife Gamer Game of the Year Bronze Award – Mass Effect 3

The bronze medal for Midlife Gamer’s Game of the Year goes to Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. It was a thrilling conclusion to the story, mired in much controversy owing to that ending, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Continue Reading

Midlife Gamer Game of the Year Stinker of the Year – Kinect Star Wars

To near universal agreement, our Stinker of the Year Award goes to Kinect Star Wars. This is not the game you were looking for. Continue Reading

Midlife Gamer Game of the Year Silver Award – Borderlands 2

If you was to ask me at the start of 2012; what is your most anticipated game of the year? I would have said Borderlands 2 without a second thought. I absolutely loved the first Borderlands so was very excited for the sequel. Continue Reading

Midlife Gamer Game of the Year Honorable Mentions

Sit back and relax with your biscuit and beverage of choice as Derek “Digi” McRoberts, Currierox, CraigieH, Type 40 Dashboxer, MunkiMatt and SiStevens introduce to you the Midlife Gamer Community Awards Honourable Mentions 2012. Continue Reading

Midlife Gamer Game of the Year – The Walking Dead

Well, it’s finally here. Our Midlife Gamer Game of the Year winner 2012, as voted for by you, the community. It has to be said that this particular title won with a considerable margin. Continue Reading

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