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Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

September 27th, 2018 by

As the dust settles after an eventful weekend it tends to be a time for reflection here at Midlife Manor.

We all agree it was another brilliant weekend full of fun, laughter, generosity, song, dance and loot, a weekend where many happy memories were made. We always have the chat afterwards as to what our highlight was – what stood out for us from this EGX weekend?

It was with remarkable speed that we all answered – the warmth of our community. The warmth they show their long term friends, and the warmth with which they welcome new faces.

This year was definitely a year of new faces. It was great to see the amount of wonderful ladies we had attend this year. Gaming is often seen as a largely male pursuit, and we are proud that our online community bucks the trend, with many female members and no stereotypical male gamer behaviour. In previous years, this has not been reflected in the party attendance. This year many more wives, girlfriends and female gamers attended which was awesome.

Prior to the event one of our members posted a very personal and moving post about how he was planning on coming up to EGX for a couple of days but would have to come alone and was very nervous about doing so. Within hours many of the community had replied, inviting him to meet up and buy him a beer. The outpouring of love and support was overwhelming, and amongst that were a handful of ‘my first MLGX weekend’ testimonials from the old guard.

“I went to EGX on my own year before last following the break up of my marriage. I had terrible anxiety at that time. But I can confirm that the MLG crew are the most amazing and welcoming people.”

“we all went on our own at some stage. The nerve will be replaced by excitement within minutes. Many there will be able to relate to your feelings, myself included.”

“Kudos for the incredibly personal post. Don’t worry about being alone. This group is awesome and you’ll not feel that way for long.”

“2 years ago I took the plunge and like everyone above says, it’s the best thing I did. I met the most amazing, friendly and welcoming group of people, and now look forward to the EGX weekend.”

No only did these testimonies help the original poster out, but also seemed to help persuade a few more first timers who were sat on the fence!

We couldn’t have such an awesome weekend without our wonderful community members so wanted to say a massive thanks to you all, old and new, for making this such a special weekend and making the party so much fun. We also have to thank you all so much for your generosity. Between ticket sales, heads and tales entries and auction bids, and after costs have been deducted, we raised a whopping £3060.54 for our chosen charity, GamesAid. Thankyou. From the bottoms of our hearts, thankyou.

Whilst we are doing thanks, we need to give a huge shout out to the wonderful companies and individuals who donated loot to the cause. Please join us in offering thanks to the following:


Richard Purvis and Crunch Simply Digital – Nintendo Switch and Ltd. Edition Zelda Game Bundle



Annabelle Whatley – Destiny 2 Artwork

Instagram – annabelleblack2


Tony Hodgkinson – Star Wars Artwork

Instagram – epictonedogg


Dan O’Cock – Monster Hunter Artwork

Instagram – danielocock


Duggy – SNES Mini Console


Indigo Pearl – Nintendo Switch and numerous game codes



Bethesda – A boxload of game merchandise, game codes, physical games



Insert Coin Tees – Vouchers



DotEmu – Wonderboy Game Codes



Steve Hatcher – Lovingly handcrafted tank models


Ben Bowles – Xbox One headset, physical games and an Amiibo


Asmodee UK – A selection of premium board games



Luc Pestille – Game codes and t-shirts



PQube – A bagful of Nintendo Switch and PS4 Games



We should also say congratulations to the winning quiz team, Host Advantage, who showed us that they have spent far too much time playing games over the years! Well done chaps.

Now it is time for us to take a well earned couple of weeks off to relax and reflect and then start thinking about next year! Remember to post your pictures from the night on the Facebook Group or on Twitter with the hashtag #MLGX2018 – we love to see what you all go up to.


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