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Midlife Gamer Community Awards GOTY

February 13th, 2018 by

MLG-Awards-1-BA1Here at Midlife Gamer we like to keep things fresh and mix it up a little. Recently we asked you the community to vote on this years community awards. This year we did it a little differently and asked you to vote on your favourite game for each platform.


After five weeks of voting you decided on six platform based Games of the Year. Being the amazing community you are, you picked seven winners. Now we are asking you to take it one step further and vote on your favourite, from the very shortlist that you created, to decide on THE Game of the Year for this years Community Awards on our Facebook Group poll. The winners (and therefore shortlist nominations) are:

Nintendo Game of the Year – Super Mario Odyssey

This year Nintendo kept the popular 3d platform aspect for Mario but this round they sprinkled a little freshness by introducing Cappy, a spirit that possesses Mario’s hat and allows you to take control of other characters and objects. Yes you can control goombas this time around. The exploration aspect opens up Mario like never before by minimising the linear feel of the game.  Did Cappy and an open world environment give you enough to make Mario the Super winner?

PlayStation Game of the Year – Horizon Zero Dawn

The story of Aloy, a hunter.  in a world full of hostile robots was on a lot of peoples radars for a few years. The hype train gained more and more momentum as teaser and full length trailers were released at E3. When gameplay footage hit, pre-orders went into overdrive. Unlike so many games before it, Horizon Zero Dawn rode the hype train right into the station delivering amazing gameplay, outstanding visuals and a game that was recommended more times than many others throughout the Midlife Gamer Community. Horzion Zero Dawn went on to become the second biggest PlayStation Exclusive ever but did it do enough to become the Midlife Gamer number one?

Microsoft Game of the Year – Cuphead

If Walt Disney and Demon Souls had a bastard lovechild it would be Cuphead. Continuous boss fights interspersed with run and gun levels, the cutesy visuals hide a brutally hard – but fair – game that will push you to your gaming limits. Every death is felt and every success results in a jump-off-the-couch fist pump. Clearly the Midlife Gamer communities favourite Indie game of 2017 due to both its visuals and challenging gameplay, did Cuphead do enough to challenge for the overall crown of THE game of the year?

Cross Platform Game of the Year – Assassin’s Creed Origins

What do you do when you have showcased cock-er-nee laandaahn and are getting dangerously close to modern day history with your last installment of a worldwide franchise? You dial it back, right back, back to a time which predates the Templar order and explore the Origins of the Brotherhood of Assassins. Oh yes, you also set it in Egypt and make it immensely pretty. Never before did our Facebook group see as many Landscape screenshots from a single game as we did when Origins hit. But to say it was just a pretty game does it a disservice, updated scouting and combat systems alongside familiar aspects such  as naval combat, tomb raiding and underwater exploration all added extra elements that freshened up a yearly franchise which some called the best of the franchise. Was it the best of our Game of the Year shortlist though?

Mobile Device Game of the Year – Football Manager Handheld 2018 / WWE Supercard Season 4 (Tie)

Mobile Device gaming is a strange beast, one persons toilet game of choice is another gamers game that belongs IN a toilet and this is why I love this category. There is such an eclectic mix of games available that literally anything can win or int his years case, tie.

Football Manager Handheld 2018 is a streamlined 20 year campaign version of the PC juggernaught. Buy a player, train a team, pick your best eleven, play a match and make subs. most aspects that make a football game recognisable in 2018 are all included.  If football is your thing then this game is highly recommended (even at £7.99) however if you are not in the football fan camp then no amount of arguments will convince you that this is one to avoid.

The joint winner of this category almost suffers from the same aspect in that if you love wrestling then you will sink many hours into this collectable card game. However WWE Supercard Season 4′s upside is that even if you don’t you will most likely enjoy the CCG aspect of this easy to pick up and play title. It gets a more-ish as you train and upgrade your cards whilst winning higher level cards. Matches are completed between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes depending on what type of match you play and if you haven’t picked it up yet, then its one to highly consider but is the snap of spandex enough for your to give this your vote for THE game of the year?

Analogue Gaming Game of the Year – Pandemic

Although released 10 years ago, there is a reason that Pandemic stayed atop of Board Game Geek’s comprehensive list of board games until it was knocked off the top spot by it’s very own spin-off Pandemic Legacy. A co-operative board game the goal is to discover cures for four diseases before any of the game losing situations manifest themselves.  Our very own Daren’s foray into Pandemic Legacy which has been discussed in depth on a number of podcast shows in the last 12 months alongside the recommendation to pickup Pandemic first as an entry to the franchise probably helped the original game become so popular within the Midlife Gamer community and therefore making it the analogue game you had to play, however is this popularity enough for analogue to overtake digital in the race for THE game of the year title?

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