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EGX 2017 – Ten to watch

September 29th, 2017 by

Website HeaderAnother year has come and gone, and another Midlife Gamer invasion of Birmingham has occured to attend the Eurogamer expo, looking at all the great, good and strange that are appearing in the future to delight our PC and console demands. This year, I wanted to make a top ten list of games I have seen that are due to release, mainly due to how much they impressed me at the show. With my prediliction for ignoring the hype, (as best I can), surrounding most titles this year due to my Year of Shame limitations, a lot of the titles there came as quite the surprise.

Obviously there were titles on show that are already readily available with a large section for Destiny 2 and quite an extensive number of consoles running Splatoon 2 and Mario and Rabbids Kingdom battles, there were plenty of games there that would appear on this list if it had been written earlier in the year, but to play it safe, I’ve opted to only include games that have yet to be released, with but a single exception. (there is method to my madness, trust me).

So, in no particular order, here is my list of the games I am most excited for in the near futur

Forza Motorsport 7 / Gran Turismo Sport / Project Cars 2

Given the fact that all three simulation titles had a significant presence on the show floor, I thought it only fair to group these titles to a single choice. No matter your platform of choice, if you are a fan of racing sims, this next iteration of these established franchises were available to play, and adore, throughout the show.

The latest iteration of Forza Motorsport 7, was definitely the stand out for me, running on the Xbox One X behind the marketed Porsche from the E3 show, the beauty of this title really shone through, with numerous seated and driving chair installations to allow you to get to grips with the title in all its glorious 4k, and if visuals are anything to go by, those investing in the latest Microsoft hardware are in for a treat. The gameplay remains much the same as previous iterations, but when you have refined your core mechanics as consistently as the team at Turn 10, this is not a bad thing. Forza 7 will be launching ahead of the console, with a release date scheduled of October 3rd.

Forza 7 001

On the other side of the show, Sony had a large stand set out for those interested in seeing how Gran Turismo Sport has been shaping up, and those fans of the longest running of these three series will not be disappointed. Although not as graphically spectacular as the Forza 4k playing across the hall, Polyphony have once again pulled out the stops to create the best looking version of Gran Turismo that they could possibly manage. Again, having had years to refine their core mechanics GT Sport felt instantly playable to any fan of the series, with little in the way of changes to the controls, and it was a sheer joy to behold.

With its integrated compatibility with the PSVR, Gran Turismo Sport is going to give any Playstation fan a good reason for the investment already made on the hardware, though if you haven’t as yet bought into the PSVR, GT Sport is still a stunningly beautiful and enjoyable addition to the longest running racing sim series.

GT Sport 001

Last on the list, but no means least, Project Cars 2 is shaping up to be the powerful underdog challenging both of these titles for their crown. Releasing on all platforms gives project cars 2 the worldwide appeal that the other 2 cannot muster due to their exclusivity, allow them to woo PC, PS4 and Xbox gamers simultaneously, and given that this is the only title on this list that has already released, they have a few short months to convince gamers that their vision of the racing sim is the one to invest in for the near future.

With an amazing graphical overhaul, and what feels like a tightening of the already refined controls of the first title, the team at Slightly Mad are using all their considerable muscle and good faith from the success of the first in the series to make a large inroad into the fight before the big dogs can bare their teeth.

No matter which platform you play, if you are fans of Racing Sims, 2017 is shaping up to be a hell of a year.

Project Cars 2 001

Super Mario Odyssey

Everyones favourite plumber returns, nipples and all, exuding tons of the charm that made Sunshine and Galaxy stand out hits on the previous nintendo platforms, and the new mechanics for Cappy certainly give Odyssey a unique enough gameplay style to make this title stand out from the crowd.

With a new world to investigate, Mario must once more rescue Peach from Bowser, and he can still trust his tried and tested abilities, with jumps, ground pounds and rolling still key to getting around and defeating enemies. The added ability to possess enemies with Cappy and utilise their unique abilities will make for some interesting gameplay throughout, and will likely be a standout title to entice those still not convinced by the switch to make the jump.

Super Mario odyssey 001

Fire Emblem Warriors

What can I say, I’m a sucker for Warriors games, and this time Omega Force and Team Ninja are turning their hand to the expansive world of Fire Emblem to bring their unique brand of hack and slash slaying to the switch and 3DS. Once again, like the Zelda and Dragon Quest inspired outings, the core mechanics reveal the core mechanics recognised by millions, but once again thier ability to fuse this mechanic with the lore of Fire Emblem makes this another match made in heaven.

With four new characters, and a roster of 20 plus characters from throughout the Fire Emblem series, this is a title that will appeal to both FE and Warriors fans, and allow those who dont fall into both camps to experience first hand what so many people love about these titles.

Release in just a few short days, a lot of people will be playing this title soon enough.

fire emblem warriors 001

Monster Hunter World

Since its inception on the Playstation 2 in 2004, the Monster hunter series has garned a healthy community of fans around the globe, and while many bought into the hardware following the exclusivity on the Nintendo console from Monster Hunter Tri in 2009 and onwards, after 8 long years gamers on other platforms will finally be able to jump in on the series with what can only be described as the most accessible title in the series history.

While innovations have been made between Tri and Generations, it does appear that the leap made in World has definitely made the game more forgiving to newer players and will hopefully allow a new generation of gamers to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Most of the key buff, harvest and crafting mechanics are still there, but the demo’s on display were more about the ease of traversal in the new Open World environment that World has incorporated.

Come January 2018, we can hope to see a rise in the size of the community taking to the world and battling their way through the world whether solo, in a group of friends to take down the stunningly impressive enemies on display. 7

monster hunter world 001

Sea of Thieves

Should you not have been fortunate enough to have been able to take part in the ongoing beta for SoT, Microsofts stand had a large section dedicated to Rare’s open world, exploring, buccaneering, and treasure hunting epic that is shaping up to be a community favourite. grouping up with your friends to man a ship and sail the seas fighting other groups of players, or delving into caves on a mysterious island to find elusive hidden treasure, Sea of Thieves is already shaping up to be a great way to spend hours time with your friends however you choose to play.

If the taster on show at EGX is anything to go by, the game appears to have been fine tuned a great deal in the last six months, and with at least a few more months expected before release, anyone wanting to grab up a crew and sail the seas will have a stunning title coming to their Xbox and PC very shortly.

sea of thieves 001


Sticking with Microsoft for the timebeing, Cuphead had a playable demo allowing people to finally get hands on with this unique platform shooter, and with the hype train still going strong for this title it was great to see it in action. With its early American cartoon aesthetic blending perfectly with 2 player co-op frantic shooting action, the expectation and hope for this title is still high given the enjoyment most were experiencing playing the game themselves. With less than a week to go, a lot of you lucky people will be able to get their hands on Cuphead soon enough with the September 29th release date drawing ever closer.

cuphead 001

Bomber Crew

Living under a proverbial rock this year, this title definitely came out of leftfield for me, with Runner Duck showing off their FTL inspired World War II strategy combat simulation, with its dark premise yet distinctly cute style making this game a joy not only to play, but also to watch. Battling fighter planes while micro managing your crew to complete the missions and return successfully requires a level of co-ordination and reactions that appeals to the sadist in me, and with a rogue like permadeath situation for your plucky Lancaster crew, making success all the more bitter sweet.

bomber crew 001

Detroit : Become human

I have to admit to being a fan of the work of Quantic Dream, having fallen in love with the characters and storylines contained within Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, even with the negative perception of their reliance on quick time and admittedly bizarre dialogue utilised throughout these games. Regardless, Detroit is shaping up to be more of the same with a branching story line, multiple characters whose actions or even death can shape the story as you play. Detroit’s Neo-noir future sees androids take on key roles in civilisation to aid humanity, whether that be serving in their owners homes, building and repairing the city of the future or even, as we have seen in previous trailers, enforcing the capture and re-integration of those androids who attempt to break free from these shackles and find their own paths.

Detroit is due out in 2018, and is looking to once again set a high bar for visual fidelity that its predecessors were already noted.

Detroit become human 001

Assassins Creed Origins

Although the origins of “assassins” only traces back as far as the first crusade, Ubisoft’s alternate history of the order pulls the origin story back to the Ptolemaic era of Egypt, placing you in the role of Bayek, a Medjay, the Egyptian equivalent of a paramilitary soldier, and his battle against a shadowy cabal intent on power at any cost. With a move to a more open world experience, integrating far more RPG elements to your character development and almost a WOW like level system to the weapons and items you utilise, Origins feels like a distinct departure from the tried and tested formula previous AC titles have utilised. Most notably the combat has been redesigned to be more fluid, allowing multiple enemies to attack simultaneously rather than the “orderly queue” system of previous titles.

With so many changes, this could be just the revitalising shot the series needs to get back on its feet following the negative perception created by the problems encountered in Unity and Syndicate.

Due out in late October, if you feel that the AC universe had become too stale recently, this may just be the title to jump back in to the expansive world Ubisoft created.

assassins creed origins

South Park : The Fractured but Whole

Anybody who loves the tv series, or found enjoyment from the superlative Stick of Truth, will find a lot to love in the second RPG from Trey and Matt. Once again, the title infuses the humour and style of their trademark universe upon another turn based RPG. This time, taking influence from their “Coon and Friends” and “Freedom Pals” storylines, has you once again join as the new kid, and pick a side in a civil war in which the kids of South Park battle for supremacy of their chosen affiliation. With a greater level of choice on characters, including the ability to choose the gender and race of your character and with 12 distinct classes to choose from, this is once again shaping up to be a fantastic single player RPG that hits all the righ chords with the South Park fans.

Again, this title is due out in October, so by the time this is published you will be only a few weeks from being able to purchase and enjoy exploring the town of South Park in digital form.

south park 001

With so many titles on display this year, it was a hard choice to say what did and did not make the cut, but what about yourselves? Any stand out title I missed, or you feel should have been included in the top ten to watch?

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