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Battle Royale – Videogame Characters

April 24th, 2017 by

17690299_10210511638601641_1236248969_nIt has been decided. The Midlife Gamer Greatest Video Game Character (when not all characters are present in the tournament) winner is none other than everyones rock climbing heroine – Lara Croft.

Lara Croft

She managed to beat Red Dead Redemptions John Marston convincingly with a 62.5% majority but how did she get to the Final?

Lara won her qualifying group with an amazing 86% of the vote – the second highest of the round, although it wasn’t very stiff competition at all with Pinky from Pac-man, Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw and BJ Blackowicz from Wolfenstein rounding up the group.

John decimated the other contenders in his qualifying group (Commander Boston Low, Hugo and Superfrog) taking 95% of the vote.

In the first round proper John edged through his group as the narrow winner but when you consider his opponents were Kratos (God of War), Mordin Solus (Mass Effect) and Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved) you start to understand why.

Lara on the other hand was a comfortable winner in a group containing Dizzy, Johnny Gat and Franklin Clinton.

Tomb Raider

The Second Round saw an end to the group stages and the beginning of the 1 on 1 match-ups and our two finalists wiped out the representatives from Monkey Island.

Lara convincingly beat Guybrush Threepwood with 63% of the vote whilst John Marston beat Captain LeChuck with 73% of the vote.

We also had a shock result as the community literally could not choose between Giralt and Nathan Drake resulting in a tie and the elimination of both characters.

In the third round Glados was dispatched by Lara with 79% of the vote whilst John eliminated Tifa Lockhart with 70% of the community.


The Quarter-finals saw the top seven characters compete as Ellie from The Last of Us received a bye due to a draw between Mario and Trevor Phillips in the previous round.

John and Lara destroyed Michael De Santa and Vault Boy respectively with 85% of the vote whilst Sonic beating Solid Snake with 58% rounded up this stage.

The semi-final winners are quite obvious but the “Sophie’s Choice” of the tournament came to light as John narrowly edged out Ellie with 52% of the vote whilst Lara powered her way through the blue hedgehog winning 66% of the vote.

Tomb 002

This completes the round up with the only remaining thing to announce being the topic for the next Battle Royale.

Some of the topic choices proved to be unpopular at the present moment with TV Shows, TV Show Characters, Elder Scroll Characters and Video game Soundtracks all just receiving a single vote; Fallout Characters and Sandwich Fillings didn’t fair much better with two votes.

The top five were as follows:

5th Place – Grand Theft Auto Characters 5%

4th Place – Video Game 10%

3rd  Place – Game Consoles 12% (this will likely be a much shorter tournament and one we may attempt with a much shorter turnaround.

2nd Place – Biscuits 17%

1st Place – Movie/TV Show Tie-in Games.

Visit the site next weekend for the qualifying stage of the next Battle Royale




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  1. avatar Fordy says:

    Bring Emily Back!

    I miss her

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