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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2017 – Dodged a Bullet Award

March 10th, 2017 by

MLG Awards 1 BAI’m surprised No Man’s Sky has won this years dodged bullet award. Not because I loved it (more on that later) but more because it seemed so much of the Mid Life Gamer community seemed to be playing it! But it won this years award by a LANDSLIDE.

No Man's Sky 001

I dipped on day 2… because I had to wait for someone from day one to be tired enough to drop it in to CEX where I traded better games for this one. I’ll admit at the beginning I wanted to see the best in this game. So did a few of my gaming friends. We toiled away a bit, marveling at how big it was, chuckling at the Bill Bailey advert and trying to find the beauty in it, along with looking online at all the cool stuff others had found, like Kylo Rens ship etc.

But ultimately, this game fell short, and it was quickly shelved. To be honest I forgot about it, I traded it for Gears 4, which is a good bloody trade. No Man’s Sky suffered hugely from the Hype Train and its breakneck speeds, a lack of the features it was supposed to have, and more than anything else, being arse-numbingly dull. What I tried to convince myself was a cool thing, the loneliness of space travel, was actually just rubbish. Acid rain got right on my nerves as did the amount of times I had to stop to rebuild or repair things. Uploading discoveries? Is there really any need? The sentient aliens all seemed to be dicks, and the endless mining, so much mining.

I bet Bill Bailey stopped playing it even quicker than I did.
Kudos to you who dodged this one, this bullet hit me square in the face!


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