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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2015 – Why We Love Videogames Award

January 12th, 2016 by

Small gOr logo 200***Editors Note*** Much like the Padsmasher award, the Why We Love Videogames Award means different things to different people. It can be something that makes you smile in a game  or it can be a news headline of videogames helping science or medicine. This year you the community voted overwhelmingly for one thing – Our very own Game-o-Rama so let’s hand over to one of our esteemed podcast hosts, Uncle Fista, to tell us more.

As you’re probably aware, charitable activity has been a pillar of the Midlife Gamer Community for many years now. During the planning stages in early 2015, it was a clear goal to extend the fundraising potential beyond the annual after-show party at EGX (MLGX), which has seen substantial amounts of cash raised for GamesAid, the charity we’ve supported since 2012, thanks to the generosity of the community members that have attended.

We got to thinking long and hard about how non-attendees of the event could actively get involved and support the charity, and from this, Game-o-Rama was conceived.

The idea was by no means original, but it was something we’d never done before. A weekend-long event, where Community Members and fans of the Podcast had the opportunity to conduct their own activities, and receive donations / sponsorship from family, friends, and fellow Community members. From my perspective, we were entering fresh territory, and my expectations were conservative. That said, I always believed that “If we built it, they would come”, to borrow the sentiment from the film Field of Dreams.

In July, Game-o-Rama was officially announced, leading with my pledge to play World of Tanks for 24 hours (***Editor’s note*** which although he did not want to mention it as it was purely a byproduct of the event and not a target he set out to achieve, put Daren into the top 3% of fundraisers), and live stream the event for all to see. Following this announcement, we were approached by a number of Community members with their own activities to support the event.

Tanks without infantry support are vulnerable

We’d built it, and they came!

What happened at the end of August surpassed everybody’s wildest expectations. Donations came in left and right for all participants, and there was an incredible feeling of family and togetherness around the whole event. Game-o-Rama 2015 was a resounding success, and I’m still in awe at the amount of cash raised for such a great cause.

The final figure for fundraising by the Midlife Gamer community for 2015 (including the legendary MLGX party) was over £7,000. A record amount, helped in no small part by the incredible support of the Game-o-Rama participants and supporters who dug deep, and went Balls Deep. As you always do.

Special mentions and thanks to the Community Managers and site staff, who worked long and hard in the background, ensuring that the event was successfully launched and supported.


Ultimately, we give eternal gratitude to everyone that got involved. Let’s make Game-o-Rama 2016 even bigger & better (SPOILERS!).

Catch up with everything that happened in Game-o-Rama 2015 with the Game-o-Rama Streaming Hub where you can find links to the streams and the accounts that featured events over the Game-o-Rama weekend


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