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Midlife Gamer Community Awards 2015 – The Shut Up & Take My Money Award

January 25th, 2016 by

Shut UpAs gamers, we’re constantly bombarded with trailers throughout the year whose sole aim is to get us to part with our presumably hard-earned cash. Every game from your cutesy little indie title to a AAA behemoth needs to find a way to sell itself effectively, to engage you and get to either excited or sufficiently engrossed enough to make sure you buy it. Some trailers have arguably overcome this challenge a little too well, with Dead Island famously releasing a gorgeous, affecting trailer that completely overshadowed the product it was promoting, but, in the case of the three games below lovingly voted for by our Midlife Gamer community, plenty of games can absolutely nail it.

3rd Best Trailer of 2015

Whatever your feelings on Bungie’s all-conquering online shooter, give Activision credit where it’s due; they’ve been extremely adept at hyping up Destiny and its three expansions. The cinematic trailer that announced the imminent arrival of The Taken King, the biggest and best received of the game’s trio of story-based additions harks back to the original game’s launch with its slick live-action and ridiculously good looking action. Three Guardians discuss their previous exploits in taking down Crota, son to The Taken King’s big bad Oryx, one charges on ahead in his gigantic spaceship, takes down a mini-legion of enemies in a far cooler fashion than you’ve ever managed whilst actually playing the game before Oryx shows up, the trailer ends, and you’re presumably left salivating at the thought of taking him down to Paintown.

There’s something immeasurably cooler about seeing any game, let alone Destiny presented in such a fashion as opposed to clips culled from cutscenes, or even a pre-rendered cinematic trailer. Visually, Destiny’s always been something of a treat for the eyes, and given The Taken King’s remit of trying to pull in current players as well as those who’d long since abandoned The Last City after the game’s first few months, the trailer did a great job of making that prospect an exciting one.

2nd Best Trailer of 2015

Despite continuing Bethesda’s penchant for launching gigantic games with graphics that inspire something less than awe, there was no denying how damn appealing the Bostonian wasteland looked in Fallout 4’s final trailer. While its predecessor was famously mired in greys and browns, 4 seemingly strove to set itself apart by offering a vision of a much more dynamic and colourful wasteland. Sure, everything still gets blown up, but the trailer made it clear that you’ll spend at least some time experiencing life before the bombs drop, adding extra intrigue to proceedings alongside a heavy focus on your would-be companions and the factions that make up Fallout 4’s morally-grey world.

Playing the game now, it’s easy to see why the trailer provoked so much excitement. It was an extended tease, offering glimpses of your companions, your allies or foes and the cities you’d come to know intimately. It never fully explained how these threads would tie together, or even what your purpose would be in this world, but it offered so many intriguing flashes suggesting what you MIGHT be able to do once you’d gotten your sweaty mitts on the game itself.

Winner of the Shut Up & Take My Money Award

The image of two suns setting on Tatooine is burned into the collective consciousness at this stage. It’s iconic, stirring and instantly recognisable as definitively Star Wars, and Dice couldn’t really have chosen a better image to start their launch trailer for Battlefront with. It’s a two minute nostalgic overload designed to stir the loins of every person with even a smidgen of love for George Lucas’ original trilogy, filled as it is with familiar environments, classic vehicles and the sight of Darth freakin’ Vader cutting down Rebel scum. It’s a pretty breathless experience, and captures the essence of the game quite well; chaotic, explosive and at times, overwhelming. But as you bounce from images of AT-AT walkers to X-Wings to the aforementioned Sith Lord’s entrance to the introduction of his son and then finally his master deciding to drop into proceedings, it’s insanely difficult to suggest that Dice didn’t immediately nail the feel of Star Wars.

The trailer jams so many recognisable and exciting elements into a short space of time in an effort to exploit your love of the series. It certainly helped that the game dropped right around the time that excitement for The Force Awakens was at its highest, but even so, it does a stupendous job at reminding you why Star Wars is so wonderfully awesome.



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